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RIP: T-Mobile is shutting down Sprint’s LTE network in 2022

T-Mobile will soon let customers know if they need to upgrade their phones.

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After T-Mobile and Sprint completed their merger last year, many people wondered how and when T-Mobile would start to combine the two networks, and now we’re getting a little more information regarding that.

First reported by Light Reading and confirmed by The Verge, T-Mobile will shut down Sprint’s LTE network on June 30, 2022. This comes about six months after the mobile carrier plans to shut down Sprint’s old 3G CDMA network.

While many users won’t be affected by these changes, customers using older mobile phones will either need to upgrade their phone or, in some cases, switch to a new SIM card that supports T-Mobile’s networks.

If you are worried about your current phone, T-Mobile has stated that it will alert customers that will need to upgrade their phone or SIM to one that supports its networks.

The Verge notes that T-Mobile has already migrated nearly a third of its customers from Sprint networks to those of T-Mobile, and it expects to migrate the rest by the middle of 2022.

Your phones aren’t going to be the only thing affected by these big changes. Amazon has already started warning people that their old Kindles will soon stop working as carriers move away from 3G networks.

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