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Painless ways to widen your electronic component search

If you want to widen your search for electronic component parts, head online and use a reputable marketplace to get started.

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Is your current procurement strategy bringing in the results you need? Are you persistently struggling to find specific parts or had to turn away contracts and orders because of procurement issues? If so, you may want to widen your search and change your approach to component sourcing. The more components you have to choose from, the more likely you are to save your business money, reduce your spending and simplify this crucial strategy.

Here we’ll explore some painless ways to widen your electronic component search.

Use an online marketplace

While it’s easy to think that flicking through endless product catalogue pages and clicking from one website to another will give you access to a wide range of component parts, in reality, this approach is incredibly limiting. By heading online and checking out an online marketplace such as Sourcengine for your flash memory parts, semiconductors, interconnects and more, you’ll have access to over 550 million individual components, making your search for that elusive electronic component, suddenly much easier than before.

Moving to an online marketplace like Sourcengine to obtain your parts, doesn’t mean you’re at the mercy of thousands of faceless vendors. Every individual supplier has gone through a rigorous vetting process, including stringent quality checks that make up a prestigious supplier rating system, helping you make better choices, with all the relevant information available to you. All parts are inspected to detect any potential flaws or unresolved issues, and what’s more, every part comes with a 3-year warranty for total peace of mind.

Use the BOM tool

By moving your search online, you’ll have access to millions of component parts, but you won’t need to sift through them all, page by page, scrolling until the end of time. By utilizing the revolutionary BOM tool, you’ll be able to sharpen your search and rapidly source everything you need within minutes, giving you the options you need without the hassle of comparing prices by hand.

Set your criteria

Searching through millions of results to find what you need sounds daunting, but when you set your search criteria, you’ll be able to source what you need from your extensive search and source the best options for you and your business. Whether you’re influenced solely by price, you’re looking for a particular vendor, packaging materials or you want it to arrive by a certain date, setting your criteria means you’ll have a fantastic choice of component parts, accurately filtered with just a few clicks.

Leave traditional searches in the past

If you’re still searching for your electronic component parts via catalogs, scrolling through websites, making endless phone calls or you’re heading to suppliers in person, then you need to consider the potential damage you might be doing to your business, or how you’re potentially holding back your success. This approach not only limits your search, and the number of components available to you, but you’re also at risk of making order errors and spending excessively.

Final thoughts…

If you want to widen your search for electronic component parts, head online and use a reputable marketplace to get started.

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