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Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve are now optimized for the M1 Macs

Adobe says that Photoshop should be noticeably faster while running in the native mode.

Photoshop on a new m1 macbook
Image: KnowTechie

Apple’s latest Macs come with its own M1 processor, which is blisteringly fast, even when it has to translate apps written for Intel-based machines. Now, two titans of the creative industry are getting native support on the M1 processor, with Adobe Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve both releasing compatible versions.

Adobe says that Photoshop should be noticeably faster while running in the native mode, with the splash screen on load disappearing in “an instant.” Overall, the native M1 version of Photoshop can run tasks up to 1.5x faster than the Intel-based version, including saving and loading files, running filters, or using compute-heavy tools like “content-aware fill” and “select subject.”

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That’s the good news, but it’s not all rosy. Some features haven’t made the jump to the native app yet, like “invite to edit cloud documents” or “preset syncing.” That might not be an issue for some users, and you can always use the Intel-based version of Photoshop via Apple’s Rosetta 2 emulation if your workflow relies on those features. That makes Adobe’s big three, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Photoshop, all available with native M1 versions.

DaVinci Resolve, the professional quality video editor and color correction tool from Blackmagic Design, also got native support for the M1 Macs. It’s free to use, with extended features if you upgrade to the Studio version.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction for these programs, and it will be interesting to see where this leads in the future.

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