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Because words are important, Pornhub adds closed captioning

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pornhub closed captioning
Image: Pornhub

Pornhub is adding closed captioning to over 1,000 clips across multiple genres on its site. These captions will offer “descriptive and interpretative text” for those who “are not able to hear the video’s original audio,” according to Engadget.

The porn site explains that the feature will distinguish which person is speaking at any one time, and identify changes in emotion.

Engadget notes:

In addition, non-dialog sounds that are relevant to the storyline or scene will be highlighted. And while we can all joke that it’d be possible to imagine our own “yeah baby, harder” etc, the truth is that close to 40 million Americans have some form of hearing loss. The videos have been hand-captioned, rather than using an algorithmic system similar to that of other major video platforms.

Pornhub already offers videos with audio descriptions for people with sight loss. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it’s now looking to accommodate those with hearing issues.

Besides, as Engadget quickly found out, there’s a market for this. Already some of the 1,000 clips with closed captioning have 1 million views.

Just a few weeks ago, Pornhub launched a Virtual Privacy Network called VPNhub. Like all VPNs, it extends a private network across one that is public, using encryption to protect the data and allow users to say they are browsing from anywhere around the world. The service is free to Pornhub users.

Do you think those with hearing problems will benefit from Pornhub’s new feature or do you see this more as a publicity stunt? Let us know your comments below. 

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