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PSA: If you have an older Roku device, Netflix support will end in December

I’m surprised they worked for this long, honestly.

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Image: Roku

If you’re still using a Roku from before 2011, you might want to start thinking about an upgrade. That’s because the oldest Rokus are losing Netflix support on December 1, and let’s face it, Netflix is the thing most people ditch cable for.

Roku stopped updating those devices in 2015, so really it’s a surprise that anything has lasted this long on them.

If you have one of the first Roku devices, you’ll lose Netflix on December 1

If you want to keep watching Netflix after December 1, you’ll need to upgrade your streaming box.

You might already have a newer device that can play Netflix for you, like your gaming console or TV. If so, just remember you’ll need to use that instead of your aging Roku after December rolls around.

Here’s the full list of devices that Netflix won’t be supporting in December:

  • Roku SD
  • Roku HD
  • Roku HD-XR
  • Roku XD
  • Roku XDS

All of these are very similar, with them being the first-gen released in 2008 and then the refreshed versions of those which came out in 2010. With new 4K versions starting at $40, do you really need to hold onto that ancient device? Let that old device retire in glory, before it starts losing its memory.

What do you think? Surprised that these older devices have worked as long as they have? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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