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The Atari VCS retro console will double as a retro streaming box

Yeah, I’m not adding yet another subscription fee to my monthly bills.

atari vcs onyx
Image: Atari

The Atari VCS retro box hasn’t even released yet, but now we know the throwback console will also feature the ability to stream licensed, retro games from sources other than just Atari.

Retro streaming platform Antstream will help make this vision a reality, which as announced today via a Medium post.

The Atari VCS will include retro game streaming – for a price

So, basically, how it will work is that you’ll be able to sign up or log in to the Antstream Arcade app directly from the Atari VCS. From there, you’ll gain access to a bunch of additional Atari games, as well as games from other consoles such as the Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and more.

Pretty cool, right? Well, kind of. When you sign up for Antstream Arcade, you’ll get a 30-day trial, but after that, the service is going to run you $10 per month. With everyone from Microsoft, to Apple, to Android releasing their own gaming subscription services, is there really room for yet another one?

Maybe if you only play classics this will be something that interests you, but c’mon, how much are you spending each month on subscription services these days? Do you really want to add yet another bill?

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