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Xbox Game Pass and 100+ free games are coming to PC

This is a dumb name for a cool service.

xbox game pass for pc
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has been making some moves in the gaming space and now the company will be bringing its Xbox Game Pass to PC. Well, kind of.

The news was announced in a blog post alongside some other information regarding gaming on PC.

Xbox Game Pass comes to PC

While Microsoft discusses Win32 support for games on PC, the big news here is that the $120 a year service is coming to a computer near you.

But not really. The blog post states that “we designed a service specifically for the needs of PC gamers and PC game developers. It’s called Xbox Game Pass, just like the original, but it’s a new experience that we are building together with the PC community.”

So, let me get this straight – a service meant for PC will adopt the name of another service meant for Xbox but will offer different games? Who is making decisions at Microsoft? Because honestly, I’ll do the job for a fraction of the cost and will 100% come up with a better name than this. Microsoft’s PC Game Pass – boom, done.

Here are some other details about the “new” “service” with its totally “unique” and “understandable” “name.”

  • Will include over 100 curated PC games
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC members will also receive discounts in the Microsoft Store on Windows
  • Discounts include 20% on games currently in the library and up to 10% off related game DLC and add-ons
  • More Xbox games are also coming to Steam

The service doesn’t have a release date or a price, but Microsoft notes it will reveal more at E3 in June.

What do you think? Interested in this service? Are you as upset about the naming conventions as I am? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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