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Random Drops: The February Humble Monthly Bundle

There is quite a bit of value in February’s Monthly Bundle, showing improvement over the last 2 months!

There is quite a bit of value in February’s Monthly Bundle, showing improvement over the last 2 months!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Humble Store is a pretty cool concept. Pay for games, and a portion of what you pay goes to charities. The Humble Bundles are even more awesome, since you name your price and direct the flow of your funds to charity, the developer or directly to the Humble Team. Another neat thing about the Humble Store is that they offer a special bundle called the Humble Monthly Bundle, which is a subscription bundle that includes 6 games that have never been offered from the Humble Bundles before. February’s was pretty cool, so lets take a look at it.

Alien: Isolation

A long time ago I played this game for review and thought it was absolutely fantastic! I’d call this survival horror done right over any other “jump-scare” game ever. In Alien: Isolation, you play as Ripley’s daughter as she searches for information regarding her missing mother. It’s really cool and totally canon, so I’d say this was worth the $12.99 just by itself. It still sells for $49.99 by the way and was the teaser for this month’s bundle, so if you missed out, that is on you.


Titan Souls

Devlover Digital’s “git gud” title. You play as a hero that is trying to kill the Titans and collect their souls, pretty simple, right? Well, your only weapon is your trusty bow and a single magical arrow, so simple is anything but Titan Souls. The game is essentially a series of boss rushes that feature bosses that can be 1-shot killed or have complex patterns or strategies to master. The single arrow adds an interesting mechanic because while you try not to get smashed by the Titan, you also need to recover or summon your arrow back to you after firing it. A fun game at its normal price of $14.99, I’d say it is another awesome addition to the Humble Monthly Bundle.


Broken Age

Before King’s Quest’s return to point-and-click adventure titles, Telltale was reigning supreme. They still are, but during that period Tim Schafer, who made his name with graphic adventures, also jumped back into the genre too. Broken Age is a fun game, but suffers from a little bit of a holier-than-thou complex. You can’t necessarily lose the game and while the visuals are impressive the story really drags out without a ton of character motivation. The first half of the game was really good but the second half seemed to be phoned in. It still sells for $24.99, so you are getting a value, but even that price is a bit high.



A game I could only describe as the love-child of Pac-Man and Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions. Volume is a game where you have to sneak around and collect the items for each level while using the shadows and a handful of tricks to avoid getting caught by the armed guards or traps. Made by the creator of Thomas Was Alone, there is a noticeable amount of care that is put into each level that you play through in Volume. Even better, the community continually creates new content so even after beating the story mode, there will always be plenty to come back to time and again. $19.99 online, this is probably the hidden gem of this Humble Monthly Bundle.


Team17, who is most famous for the Worms series, bring us this game that I would call a mix of Super Meat Boy and Battle Block Theater. Offering single-player, co-op multiplayer and head to head multiplayer experiences, Penarium is a game that will have you laughing one second and then throwing your computer through a window the next. Boasting stunning pixel graphics and a cutesy soundtrack, the only thing Penarium has going against it is that the game really is more fun with friends and I didn’t have many that owned the game. Still, a fun game that has a ton of appeal, it sells for $9.99 currently.


Uh. Wow. Holy shit. OK. I need eye bleach.

Incredibly fluid pixel graphics? Check. Enjoyable and challenging point-and-click adventure? Check. Years of therapy to fix the damage this game has done? Check. $9.99 game that is actually quite the surprise. Yup.

Elephant in the Room

This game was basically made for YouTubers. You try to sneak around the room, using elephant-based stealth to go unnoticed and then all hell breaks lose as soon as someone sees you. It’s cute and worth a few laughs but seems to be the type of game that someone screaming at ridiculously loud levels would enjoy. That or Dunkey. Has anyone given Dunkey this game yet? It’s a neat game that is a Humble Original, which means the Humble Monthly Bundle is the only place to currently get the game. It’s nothing revolutionary but my kid thinks it is hilarious.

Let’s go ahead and tabulate that Lootscore™

There is quite a bit of value in February’s Monthly Bundle, showing improvement over the last 2 months!

There is also a demo for Planetoid Pioneers which is included with the bundle, which looks like it could be an enjoyable game but is still only a bundle. Next month’s preview game is ARK: Survival Evovled, which is that game where you are on a dinosaur island where you can take them and adventure about. Yeah, I totally already dropped my $12.99 for next month, let’s hope the Humble Monthly Bundle for March is equally bad-ass.

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