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Review: Gunnar Tallac Sunglasses – Perfect for the wasteland

When you want to 100% block out UV rays from your eyes, the Gunnar Tallac is the way to go.

GUNNAR Tallac sunglasses
Image: Arthur Collins / KnowTechie
Tallac Sunglasses from Gunnar Glasses Tallac Sunglasses from Gunnar Glasses
$150.00 $141.21
Quick Verdict: The Gunnar Tallac glasses come in a couple of amazing options for those at a desk. But, their sunglasses are absolutely designed to keep your eyes shaded and dry, even if you’re Floridian.
  • Side panels block light pollution and help with eye dryness
  • Blackout lenses
  • Spring hinges for any size head
  • Comfortable on any head for prolonged amounts of time
  • Only comes in black
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04/19/2024 08:58 pm GMT

Blue light-blocking glasses are usually marketed at gamers or computer users, as our screens are a significant source of harmful blue light. But there’s one other huge source, the sun.

Gunnar is the name most people would think of when buying blue light-blocking glasses, and they’re one of the only companies offering sunglasses with added protection.

One offering is the Tallac, which not only comes with blacked-out sunglasses as a lens option but comes in a unique style that differs from the company’s other frames.

We were sent a pair of Gunnar Tallac Sunglasses for review, and Gunnar had no input into its contents.

Who are the Gunnar Tallac Sunglasses for

GUNNAR Tallac sunglasses
Image: Arthur Collins / KnowTechie

Due to the blue light-blocking technology, Gunnar glasses tend to be for gamers, streamers, or people who sit at a computer all day.

However, they aren’t always as dedicated to pigeon-holing themselves into a neat box. The Tallac is an excellent example of this.

These Gunnar Tallac glasses come in different flavors: the usual blue light-blocking options, prescription, or sunglasses. I tried something new and went with the sunglasses option. 

The price point sets these among the higher-end sunglasses available out there. But, in this case, there are some exciting features and functionality meant for a little more of a dorky style. 

Opening the glasses up, you’re looking at leather side flaps that cover the exposed side area, not unlike goggles.

So, I recommend the Gunnar Tallac sunglasses for anyone who needs really well-made sun protection while standing out from a crowd.

Gunnar Tallac Sunglasses: Features and specifications

The technology of Gunnar glasses comes out and shines in their lens options. They offer five levels of blue light-blocking to find the amount that works for you.

The lenses offered by all Gunnar glasses have a scratch, glare, and water-resistant coatings, which work great for day-to-day use. Each lens style has various levels of blue blocker capabilities as well. 

The numbers in the lens names are how much blue light percentage they tend to block. For instance, the sunglasses lenses are 90% blocking for blue light and are 100% UV protected. 

These run through the new Clear Pro (20% blocking), through Clear (35%), Amber (65%), Sun (90%), and Amber Max (98%).

Some lens types are only available on some frame styles. Any model that offers prescription lenses can be selected with any of the lens coating options, including Transitions that start as Clear or Amber and change to Sun under bright light.

The Tallac is one of a handful of styles that offers sunglasses as an option.


  • Premium acetate frame material
  • Leather side shields block peripheral light for total coverage and max protection from light noise
  • High-quality spring hinges
  • Gunnar patented lens technology
  • Blocks harmful blue light and 100% UV
  • Dual-sided anti-reflective lens coating
  • Size and weight – lens width: 57 mm | nose: 16 mm | frame width: 137 mm | temple: 140 mm | weight: 27.7 grams (without packaging)

Design and colors

GUNNAR Tallac sunglasses
Image: Arthur Collins / KnowTechie

I recently told my wife that I felt like I should get myself shaded motorcycle goggles because cheap sunglasses just don’t do the job sometimes. Living in Florida, the sun is nearly always out and it can be really annoying.

While the usual fair is available, the Gunnar Tallac has more capabilities than some due to its unique structure. Pulling the glasses’ temples open, you’re greeted with a second layer to unfold: the leather side shields. 

As I saw these, I immediately thought of goggles. The leather panels form to your face, and, well, they do the job. 

The frame itself is inconspicuously simple. Had they not included the panels, the design would feel almost generic, like any other pair of sunglasses you can find at the mall. 

Although the design is simple, the premium acetate frame doesn’t feel or act cheap. But, it’s that simplicity that makes it great because there is a lot more going on underneath.

For instance, the Gunnar Tallac is my favorite of the company’s hinge options. They aren’t rigid like some of their models, meaning someone like me (i.e., with a big head) can feel comfortable wearing them. 

Comfort and weight

GUNNAR Tallac sunglasses
Image: Arthur Collins / KnowTechie

As someone who doesn’t wear prescription glasses, I have a rule: if I can potentially forget that I’m wearing something on my face, it’s something I want on my face. The Tallac does that in spades.

As mentioned, they have very retractable hinges to feel comfortable on any head. But, even with all of the extra features, the pair of glasses is surprisingly light as well.

Also, the leather panels never feel like a bother, no matter how long I wear them. I expected to be hyper-aware of the fact that the light is blocked out of the corners of my eyes, but I often forget until I try to rub my eyes from the side.

Gunnar mentions on their website that Tallac’s design, aside from the removal of extra light pollution, is meant to help people from getting dry eyes. After wearing them this much, I agree with that sentiment.

While some other Gunnar glasses have adjustable nose pads, the Tallac goes for a more straightforward design and looks more like the cheaper sunglasses. However, at no point in my wearing them for days straight did I feel like that was a bad thing.

Speaking of which, they are surprisingly versatile indoors and outdoors. Wearing them at high noon in Florida, they are the best damn sunglasses I’ve ever owned. Indoors, while working on the computer, they didn’t hinder my work at all.

The lenses have blue light-blocking technology, making them more suitable for working outdoors with screens. But, being inside never felt like a hassle. In fact, taking them off afterward made me hiss at my not-actually-super-bright lights. 

What’s in the Gunnar Tallac box?

Gunnar sunglasses with case on red surface.
Image: Arthur Collins / KnowTechie

Gunnar has some standard accessories that come with their glasses. You’ll always get a microfiber cloth and cinch pouch with them. Sometimes, you also get a glasses case as well.

But, they went above and beyond for the case this time. Instead of their usual $10 cardboard magnet case, they gave the Tallac a fully hinged, premium hard case to store them in when not in use.

Alternative options to the Gunnar Tallac Sunglasses

I noticed when researching alternatives that a lot of blue blocker-capable sunglasses are more of a dark amber color instead of the blackout black of the Gunnar Tallac.

Ironically, BluBlocker Sunglasses is a brand that offers much more cost-effective options for those looking for stylish shades.

While they don’t have them in black lenses, the blue blocker technology in them is declared to be 100% removal instead of Gunnar’s 90% on their sunglasses. 

Although they don’t offer anything with leather side panels, I like their Colorvision 1988 option for the same level of “dorky” style. They’re $69 on their website. 

Protect your eyes outside with the Gunnar Tallac Sunglasses

Bald man with beard wearing sunglasses.
Image: Arthur Collins / KnowTechie

I wore the Gunnar Tallac to the store and to run errands earlier and forgot to take them off. I then wore them the entire time I wrote this article because they were so comfortable and non-intrusive.

It turned out that my wife was trying to get my attention while I was wearing these glasses and my Turtle Beach Stealth Pro noise-canceling headphones. Due to the sensory deprivation involved, she failed spectacularly.

I had legitimately forgotten that they were on my face when I checked a detail on them as I wrote. When I eventually took them off, it was like I was in a completely different world.

I legitimately have nothing I disliked about the Gunnar Tallac sunglasses, aside from the fact that they only come in black. While I have not tried them with a clear or amber lens, they should also be fantastic in that style.

The Gunnar Tallac glasses (or sunglasses) are a solid option for the average layman who needs a good pair of blue light-blocking glasses to work in. They also come with prescription lens options, in case you need them.

The only thing that would make them perfect is a choice of frame colors.

Tallac Sunglasses from Gunnar Glasses Tallac Sunglasses from Gunnar Glasses
$150.00 $141.21

The Tallac sunglasses from Gunnar Glasses are perfect for the wasteland, or for keeping your eyes protected from sunlight at any other time.

KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale.
04/19/2024 08:58 pm GMT

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Just a heads up, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale. It’s one of the ways we keep the lights on here. Click here for more.

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