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Review: TaoTronics Air Purifier – a solid air purifier that won’t break the bank

At $149, there’s not much to dislike.

taotronics air purifier
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

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I have cats. I also have terrible allergies. No, the two don’t mix. Stop asking me. I’m about three weeks into using this TaoTronics Air Purifier and let me just cut to the chase. It’s nice and it helps and it is good.

That’s not much of a review, though, and to be honest, when you buy an air purifier you expect it to, ya know, purify the air. The review aspect really comes down to ease of use, price, and features. That’s what we’ll be talking about today.

At $149 on Amazon, this TaoTronics Air Purifier is intended for large rooms in the 320 square foot range. It features an H13 True HEPA filter that is intended for everything from smoke and dust to allergens and pet dander.

The LCD provides information like fan speed and will alert you to poor quality. I was going to call Alex over to blow cigarette smoke into it, but I’m not that dedicated to this review.

The numbers go up and down, I’ll assume it is monitoring the air quality appropriately. From my use, I can honestly say the air in the room feels fresher and I’m extremely happy with its performance.

Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

My cats like to sit on it, and that is probably my only issue. They are real good at turning the child-safety lock on and I am not to proud to admit that during my first days with it I couldn’t figure out why none of the buttons did anything. It was the child safety lock. It’s me, the child.

Once that debacle was over, the features on the TaoTronics Air Purifier were given the chance to shine

It was easy to change fan speeds, put it on auto, and put it into Sleep mode for the evenings. With Sleep mode, the unit still functions, but the fans are much quieter. As a new disciple to the world of sleeping with a fan on, I kind of wish it wasn’t so quiet, but that is completely a personal preference, and the extremely low volume is a good thing.

Even when not in Sleep mode, the fans never seem overly loud. It has its moments where it sounds like a small car launching from a stoplight, but it really only ever did that after my asshole cats missed the litterbox. I cannot confirm that the two are related.

taotronics air purifier
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

While I haven’t had to change out the filter yet, I have done some test runs on that and everything is extremely straightforward and changing out the filter is a breeze. There’s also a washable pre-filter screen that you can easily remove and clean, which is a nice added bonus.

Overall, the TaoTronics Air Purifier is a solid home air purifier that can handle larger rooms without ramping up the decibels. If you are looking to remove irritants from the air without dropping a ton of cash, there’s not much to dislike about this offering.

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