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Roccat announces its much anticipated Kone AIMO mouse

10 year anniversary, a revamped mouse.

roccat kone aimo
Image: Roccat

Roccat announced their Kone mouse is back for its 10 year anniversary, and it’s packed with just as much of a punch as it did during its original release. The Kone was one of the first RGB illuminated gaming peripherals to hit the market, and still, the mouse holds up to its name. Now, the Kone AIMO is looking to keep its name in the game.

The mouse is the first to debut AIMO, a new RGBA lighting system built and designed by ROCCAT developers. Removing the need for pesky configurations and set-up, the AIMO comes right out of the box with state of the art illumination scenes. As well, the mouse has Roccat state of the art 4D Titan Wheel, OMRON, which is certified up to 50 million clicks. Finally, AIMO comes with updated Swarm software. A beast of a mouse that just shows how powerful Rocatt and German engineering can be.

The Kone AIMO is now available worldwide and is selling for $79.99. It can be found on the company’s website or Amazon. To learn more, click on the link below.

> Kone AIMO

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