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Seedo is a fully automatic grow box that does all the leg work for you

Take your plants out of that spare closet and put them in this.

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Automation is so hot right now, so why not bring automation into the world of marijuana? Thanks to a growing amount of states where the consumption and growing of marijuana is legal, funding and innovation in the industry is finally starting to bud. Seedo is but one example of this.

I had a friend, who was definitely not me, that had a setup that involved grow lights, trash cans, a coat closet and some questionable wiring who used to grow his own plants and that friend who wasn’t me would have loved to have something like Seedo.

If your state allows for the personal growth of marijuana and you have an interest in a smart hydroponics system that takes up very little space then Seedo should be right up your alley. But how does it work?

Essentially, you just place a seed (it could be marijuana, but the device also works with vegetables, herbs, and flowers, as well) and then pair Seedo with the Seedo app to start monitoring your plants. Seedo takes it from there through the use of an automated lighting system, air conditioning, and the unit itself is a sterile, hermetic ecosystem. From there a mineral system and a separate CO2 system delivers the proper nutrients to the plant and releases CO2 during photosynthesis.

It also utilizes an automated cleaning and washing system that activates during the grow cycle. There’s also a dryer packed into the little unit that uses a “smart-drying” system post harvest. If you’re having a “proud papa” moment you can upload photos and videos and send them to your friends.

Seedo is currently available for pre-order with early adopters saving 50% off retail.

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