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Should we embrace artificial intelligence or limit it?

AI is here to stay, that is for certain. However, should we be embracing this new tech or limiting the use of it? Find out here!

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So many questions are arising as we move towards a world that has more and more AI technology present. Though some might see it as a bonus, there are those who are a little more cautious about what might be coming next. Should we embrace AI, or limit our use of it? Let’s take a look.

Already Prevalent

One important factor that we need to consider is just how prevalent AI already is within our society. It is not a case of deciding when we are going to work alongside it and introduce it to our professional and personal lives – we already have.

There are so many things that we currently take for granted that have AI as an intrinsic part of its core. You might already have the more obvious devices like home assistants, but that does not change that there are many others that also use AI to some degree. It is not simple enough to say that we are going to limit AI at a certain point. If that is a discussion that needs to happen, it is one that needs to be started now.

Further Development

There are so many areas that AI is being used in, and as a result there are many areas of research that are pushing for further understanding of certain issues. There is so much that we don’t yet understand about AI and we are very much in the first few stages of development. 

With companies like Kohli Ventures and the Softbank Group all leaning towards AI investment in some way, it is clear that those at the top of the industry want to pursue further development. This will hopefully give rise to some very new and interesting tech that we can then use to further our own understanding of AI and what it can offer. 

Aid, Not Replace

Those in favor of embracing AI argue that it will not be used to replace human jobs but instead will be used as an aid to help with certain tasks. A big example of where this can be seen is in surgery. While an AI-driven robot might one day be able to assist in surgeries, it is likely that there will always be a human surgeon present too. 

What’s more, if an AI does make a job obsolete, there is likely to be many more that will arise instead. Think about some of the obsolete jobs that once existed. There is likely to be a role that was created to stand in for it, and from it many other people were able to find a new job. The same will happen should AI make any current job obsolete.

AI should most definitely be embraced and not ignored. There are so many ways that it will enrich our lives without overshadowing them, and there are some very important decisions to be made in terms of development. Take a look at what is coming in the world of AI. It might just surprise you.

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