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Six reasons to turn your TV with USB stick into remotely managed digital signage

A digital signage solution carries a host of important benefits for business owners. No matter how you use your on-premises displays, you can update them on the fly.

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Television is a big part of modern life, but these devices are used for more than mere entertainment. Business owners also use the technology to drive sales, inform customers of new products and services, and convey important messages to team members. 

These on-premises communication devices are everywhere, from medical offices and car dealers to barbershops and beauty salons. They are also found in retails stores, pharmacies, and even schools, but the televisions in question are not always used to their full potential. 

If you are still relying on USB sticks to power your on-premises TV, you might want to reconsider the situation. The USB stick method of communication leaves a lot to be desired, and a single glitch could render your on-premises display useless or even harmful. Here are six great reasons to turn your USB-powered television display into a remotely managed digital signage solution. 

#1. Change Messages on the Fly

If you rely on a USB stick, changing the display of your on-premises TV set will take some time, and those wasted minutes could be costing you sales. It will take time just to walk to the TV, and the employee assigned to complete the task will need to manually update the message. 

When you turn your on-premises TV into a digital signage solution, you can update the message on the fly anytime you like. With a click of a mouse, you can communicate important messages, advertise new product sales, and keep your staff and customers informed. 

#2. Eliminate Human Error

Human error could render your on-premises TV useless, or even display a harmful message. It only takes a single disgruntled employee to do great damage to your brand, and you cannot afford to take the chance. 

Replacing the USB-driven model with a digital signage solution eliminates the danger of human error or malicious activity, so you stay in control. Instead of relying on others, you can control the display from the security of your own office. 

#3. Protection from Hardware Failures

Both your on-premises TV and the USB stick that powers it are mechanical devices, and as such they are prone to hardware failures. Anyone who has ever used USB sticks to back up their files knows just how unreliable they can be. 

Data corruption is a constant danger for USB sticks, and relying on such an unreliable technology could be bad for your business. But when you turn your TV into digital signage, you eliminate this danger, providing a turnkey solution with another security level and this is another important benefit. 

#4. Easy Access

Replacing your old USB-powered TV with an elegant digital signage solution allows easy access from virtually anywhere. Thanks to the wonders of cloud-based CMS software, you can update your display anywhere you are. 

As long as you have an internet connection and a PC or tablet, you can update the display, back up your information, and build a better and more reliable display. This alone is a reason to make the switch, but there are other benefits as well.

#5. Support for Multiple Locations

Whether you own a chain of hardware stores, a multi-site retail enterprise, or a number of nail salons, remote management will allow you to update multiple locations with the click of a mouse or the touch of a button. Remote management of a digital signage solution is a good idea for every business, but it is an absolute must for those with multiple locations.

Just think about how much time and effort it would take to update just two or three locations using the old USB-powered TV solution. You would need to assign an employee to pull the USB sticks, manually update the message and reinsert the stick, all while the displays on your on-premises TV screens stay blank. This time-consuming process will be frustrating for your employees, your customers, and everyone involved, but there is a better way. 

#6. Monitor Displays from Afar

If you want to check and verify the messages on your USB-powered on-premises TV, you need to actually look at the display. That means taking time away from your busy day and leaving your other work aside, just so you can walk through the factory or retail store. 

When you turn your on-premises TV into a remotely monitored digital signage solution, you can take back your time and free up your efforts for more important things. All you need is a computer or a smartphone to see what message you are conveying, all from the comfort of your own office. 

As you can see, a digital signage solution carries a host of important benefits for business owners. No matter how you use your on-premises displays, you can update them on the fly, free yourself from human error, and monitor your messages from just about anywhere. 

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