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Skoog is the musical instrument of the future

Ever just want to play a song, but don’t have the musical ability? Skoog is your next best option.

As a musician, playing and discovering music is one of the best things life can offer. Unfortunately for some, music and rhythm is like a foreign language. I have a friend who literally can’t hum Mary Had a Little Lamb. Either you got it or you don’t.

Luckily for my friend and others alike, there’s Skoog.



Skoog is an an affordable digital musical instrument that anyone can play. It essentially puts you in touch with your inner-musician, regardless of whether you knew you had it in you or not.

“Anyone can play Skoog, you don’t need time consuming music lessons. You literally just pick up and play, and you’ll be expressing yourself musically in seconds.”

How does it work?

The Skoog connects to your iPad or computer. Choose the sound and continue by touching to play. According to their Kickstarter page, “it’s supremely tactile, so you can hit, press, twist, or squeeze. Just play what you feel.”

It even comes with its own music making app, which is compatible with other programs such as GarageBand, Logic, or Ableton Live.

Skoog App

Is this something you should expect to see at the Boston Symphony one day? Probably not, but it’s a step in the right direction in giving everyone the tools to bring out the musical side in them.

Skoog is running a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo. Check them out and help them bring the joy of music to my friend and all the others poor souls who can’t sing a tune or keep a rhythm.


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