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Snowbot is a robotic snowblower that does all the heavy lifting for you

Hate shoveling snow? This robot will do it for you

Image: Snowbot

Snow symbolizes purity, tranquility, and the joy of Christmas until you have to get out and shovel your doorstep and the sidewalk in freezing temperatures.

Thanks to the advent of drones and robots, you can chill out by the fireplace and let the Snowbot S1 remove the snow from your doorstep and driveway while you enjoy sipping hot coffee at home.

So without further ado, let’s evaluate the quirks and features of the snow-blowing intelligent robot manufactured by Hanyang Technology Co, Ltd.

Snowbot’s features

Snowbot S1 is an entirely autonomous and hands-free snowblower robot; it supports different features like a mobile app and comes with valuable tools with the unit package.

Snowbot S1 controls and navigations

Snowbot S1 can create a map using its four ultra-wideband positioning terminals to clear the snow. Three of those positioning terminals act as transmitters. The other device acts as a receiver mounted on top of the robot. Together, these terminals help the robot navigate and create an accurate map of the area you want to clear.

The S1 snowblower automatically calculates the area and routes based on the location of the positioning poles mentioned above and the inputs you determine using the mobile app. Furthermore, the robot detects surrounding objects and actively avoids them for maximum safety.

The Snowbot mobile app

snowbot app
Image: KnowTechie

The Snowbot app allows users to monitor, control, and manage the Snowbot. For example, you can choose which areas you want to clean and change the routes as needed. In addition, the app keeps track of the statistics of battery usage, covered areas, and remaining time.

Snowbot S1‘s technical specs

The robot can clear up to 12 inches of depth of snow. The powerful 360-degree snow thrower can shoot snow to designated piles from up to 4 meters away. In addition, the machine automatically sets the movement speed from zero to 1.4 Km/h to avoid overloading and damaging the mechanical tools. 

The innovative snow blower is equipped with a 1123.2Wh lithium-ion battery. This battery powers up the Snowbot S1 for 1.5 hours when fully charged; that much energy is enough to clear 1500 square feet with 5 inches depth. The batteries can charge in temperatures as cold as -13℉. You can operate the robot in temperatures between -20 and 104℉.  

Image: Snowbot

Environment-friendly and easy to keep

Unlike conventional snow blowers that use a diesel motor, the S1 is powered by a four brushless motors that yields high efficiency while leaving no carbon footprint. In addition, the robot is designed for easy maintenance and high durability.

What Snowbot comes with

  • Remote controller: you can pilot the robot manually using the RC or the mobile app on your phone.
  • Battery charger: the S1 comes with a battery charger that powers up the robot and the positioning beacons.
  • Setup toolkit: the company also delivers a set of wrenches and bolts that you will need for assembly or maintenance.
  • 3 positioning beacons and their bases
  • A chute that throws the snow away
  • The robot’s main body
SnowBot S1 Package
Image: TheSowbot

Other significant features

Snowbot S1 also includes an emergency stop button and security warning lights to keep people alert. Automatic obstacle detection is another essential feature that improves safety while enabling the robot to resume its task by finding a new route.

After selling services

Warranty and after-selling services are a significant concern when it comes to costly complex machines that nobody except the manufacturer knows how to fix. Snowbot S1 is now in beta testing, beta buyers have the privilege to get a free refined product (retail version) Snowbot S1 Pro that will launch in winter 2022.  Meanwhile, the company provides sufficient customer care for support and repairs. 

Advantages of Snowbot 

  • Saving time and energy during brutal winters. 
  • Can clear up to 12 inches of snow.
  • Autonomous navigation and programmable tasks.
  • Safety features.
  • You can control the Snowbot using your phone or the remote controller.
  • The robot can support most US households and clear their driveways.

Disadvantages of Snowbot

  • Impractical for commercial areas and large houses.
  • Not suitable for steep slopes above 10 degrees. 


Snowbot S1 is a pioneer robot that aims to make shoveling obsolete. The robot utilizes cutting-edge technology that combines smart navigating and electronics with effective machinery.

S1 is an intelligent snow blower that can automatically clear the snow out of your sidewalk and driveway. However, the cool factor of the robot outweighs its practicality. All in all, this seems like a promising product that a lot of people could take advantage of.

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