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Is SmartMike+ the best wireless lavalier microphone for smartphones?

All in all, if you want to get rid of all complications and enjoy the high-quality sound recording, go for the SmartMike+


Regardless of your business, you can benefit from social platforms. For example, if you are a teacher, you can start your own social media and engage with students and other teachers. Or, if you are a consultant, you can record motivational videos and post them online.

However, whether you’re just getting started or have a well-established social media presence, the most crucial thing to ensure is that the content you’re publishing has a high-quality video with clear sound.

This is where SmartMike+ comes into the picture. Besides being able to record high-quality audio, the SmartMike+ clip-on lavalier microphone is also very compact and stylish.


SmartMike+ is designed and produced by the brand SABINETEK, established in 2014. The brand specializes in acoustics, telecommunications, electronic engineering, etc.

Thanks to its partnership with world-known companies such as Qualcomm, the brand has successfully overcome common acoustic problems such as noise and echo. The company already has four main products, including AudioWow, SmarMike Lite, SabineCast, and SmartMike+. We are going to talk about SmartMike+ today.  


SmartMike+ is available in two color combinations, contributing to its trendy appearance. This wireless lavalier microphone is almost entirely black or white while it is grey on one of the ends with a narrow red button. Because it is available in both white and black, you can choose the one that best complements your clothing style, whether sporty or formal.


In terms of size and weight, SmartMike+ is just 5.8x1x1.5cm (2.3×0.4×0.6in) and weighs 14 grams. The very small and light nature of the device secures its portability. You can have it with yourself wherever you want without even noticing it.

Sabinetek microphone sliding into pocket

The clipper is also very user-friendly, and it ensures you that the device won’t fall even when you are getting physically active. The name of the brand is also printed on the clipper.

Smartmike clipping onto skier

This wireless lavalier microphone comes with a very sophisticated box with the following items:

  • SmartMike+ wireless microphone
  • One earphone
  • One USB charging cable
  • One dead-cat windshield
  • One foam wind muff
  • The manual
Smartmike packaging and products laid out


You can connect SmartMike+ to a mobile phone, compatible with iOS and Android. The connection is quick and reliable thanks to the built-in Qualcomm and MFI chipset (which is certified by Apple). Additionally, it is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which comes with two advantages, including lower power consumption and efficient transmission.

Moreover, this Bluetooth mic is capable of transmitting sounds within a 15 meters radius from the smartphone. The joint denoising technology helps eliminate all the unwanted noises and hear a controlled sound.

SabineTek SmartMike+ comes with an intuitive and useful app, making device management a breeze. The app has several features, including Audio/Video recording, Gain Tune, Real-time mixing, Output Settings, Speech recognition, and Subtitle Transcription, making it one of the best wireless lavalier microphones.

Person holding a camera and mini micropone smartmike

Also, it works perfectly with third-party apps which support a Bluetooth mic. Not to mention that the app is free to download, and you don’t need to pay extra money for getting updates, etc.

If you want to use it for DSLR, action cameras, or all third-party apps, two mics are needed, one microphone is considered as the wireless microphone while the other works as the receiver for your phone, camera, or computer. It is one of the best choices when we are in a noisy environment and want to get relaxed a bit.

Person in front of camera

What should you do before recording a long monologue? We all know that memorizing it doesn’t always work. There is a feature that sets the SabineTek SmartMike+ apart from the competition. Thanks to the teleprompter function, the text you want to talk about or read will be shown on the screen, and you just need to repeat it.

Also, while you are giving a speech and recording, you can listen to your voice through real-time auto-sync technology. In this way, if something is unpleasant, you can decide to record again and don’t need any post-editing actions.

Furthermore, SmartMike+ is powered by a 110mAh rechargeable battery. As a result, it can last around five hours on a single charge, which is sufficient time to record a long video or audio. It’s also worth noting that charging the microphone fully takes less than an hour, thanks to the Micro USB port. More importantly, the device is compatible with a wide range of mobile phone manufacturers and operating systems.

Smartphone and smartmike product image


You can reduce noise in four different levels. The speech quality of your video will be improved thanks to the filtration of airflow and ambient noise. In terms of quality, it is six times better than mono microphones because of its professional full-band audio quality from 44.1 to 48 kHz in stereo CD quality.

Person recording a video in front of a smartphone with smartmike

Additionally, you may monitor your voice in real-time using headphones. There are several operating modes implemented in the device. One of these modes allows you to connect two microphones to the phone at the same time.

In another mode, one microphone is considered as the wireless microphone while the other is for your camera or computer. It is one of the best choices when we are in a noisy environment and want to get relaxed a bit. Moreover, it has a unidirectional mic, which will enhance sound pickup quality.

Person wearing smartmike holding smartphone


As an alternative to SmartMike+, SabineTek also offers SmartMike Lite, which is extremely comparable to SmartMike+ in terms of features and design. The first thing to notice is that SmartMike Lite costs $99, which is cheaper than the $139 price of SmartMike+.

In terms of appearance, SmartMike Lite is available in three color options (black, white, and blue). Another difference is that you can’t use 2 SmartMike Lite in pairs for DSLR, third-party apps, or interviews.

However, you should be aware of its downsides as well, even when they are not influencing the overall performance. Not being able to record directly by the phone’s built-in camera, mandatory use of the SmartMike+ app, as you may know iPhone even doesn’t support their own Bluetooth earphone AirPods.

All in all, if you want to get rid of all complications and enjoy the high-quality sound recording, go for the SmartMike+, and you won’t regret it because in our opinion currently, it’s the best wireless lavalier microphone.

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