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This weird muzzle is actually a Bluetooth mic

And yes, this is a real product.

mutalk bluetooth microphone
Image: Shiftall

When I first glanced at this product this morning, I thought for sure that it had to be a parody. But with a closer look, it looks like the Mutalk Bluetooth muzzle microphone is a real product.

Shared by The Game Awards on Twitter this morning, the Mutalk microphone is a Bluetooth mic from Shiftall designed to suppress the noise of your voice.

The idea is that talking into a microphone can disrupt those around you. If you’re in a meeting in a public place or playing games with other people around, your voice can sometimes be loud and distracting.

That’s where this muzzle-like microphone comes in. The Mutalk comes with a harness that wraps around your head to hold the microphone in place.

The mic sits snuggly over your mouth, creating a seal so little to no sound can escape when you’re talking.

You can easily remove the band if you want to use the microphone by holding it up to your mouth. It also automatically mutes itself when you take it away from your mouth.

The Mutalk uses the Helmholtz resonator principle to muffle sounds. When shouting in high frequencies, the mic can mute sounds by up to -30 decibels.

There could be a lot of utility to a microphone like this, but all I see is a dog muzzle or horse feed bag when I look at this product. Josiah summed it up best:

But if you’re interested in the Mutalk, it’s a real product. The company’s website says it’s coming to the US sometime in 2023.

The Game Awards tweet says it will retail for $200, but the company’s website doesn’t list any pricing.

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