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This startup wants to be the Uber of clothing alterations

Hate making the trek to your local dry cleaners or tailor? Air Tailor wants to change all of that with its on-demand service.

air tailor
Image: Air Tailor

Finding time to go the tailor or dry cleaners is hard these days, especially for someone without a car. This is where Air Tailor comes into play.

In a nutshell, Air Tailor is an on-demand clothing alterations and repair service that connects you to a network of tailors nationwide as well as Air Taylor users, reports TechCrunch

To get started, users have to sign up for Air Tailor via the company’s website. From here, Air Tailor ships you out a welcome kit that includes tools that help users identify which changes or alterations their clothes need fixing. For example, hemming a pant leg to fixing a tear in a suit jacket. The list goes on. The kit also includes a pre-paid shipping label that lets users pack their clothes and ship it off to Air Tailor.

TechCrunch notes that the clothes are then passed off to a certified tailor in the Air Tailor network. Turnaround time is one week. All prices are included on the company’s website, which ranges in the ballpark of $15 and $35 per piece/service.

Air Tailor turns a profit by collecting a small percentage from each alteration, as well as charging retailers access to their tailor management platform. Air Tailor is part of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator. To learn more about Air Tailor, click here

TechCrunch via Air Tailor


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