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Strategies to improve email marketing campaigns

To improve the conversion rate of email marketing efforts, companies must optimize every single email they send.

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Through email marketing, companies can reach their overarching public relations, business, and marketing goals, if they implement the right strategies and tactics.

The most valuable strategies companies can rely on include tracking the right marketing metrics for their email efforts. Doing so helps to understand how to improve them.

Improving open rates

According to research, companies tend to have trouble improving their open rates, affecting other aspects of their marketing and PR campaigns.

For a company to improve its email open rates, it first needs to focus on creating attention-grabbing subject lines that will engage curiosity with subscribers.

Furthermore, motivate them to open the emails they receive from the business.

Some of the most effective subjects that get subscribers to open emails include subject lines that mention product launches, promotions, and those that inspire urgency.

Additionally, companies looking to improve the open rates of email marketing must focus on segmenting their email contact lists. A good example can be tailoring emails to their interests.

From the email content to the promotions the subscriber is interested in, and even the subject line a subscriber receives.

Improving click-through rates

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Another essential metric that companies should keep track of is the click-through rate of the emails a company sends out. Unfortunately, many businesses have difficulty with this process.

To improve the click-through rate, companies should feature new solutions and highlight any special offers they have for email subscribers.

They are making it more likely for subscribers to click on a link inside the email they receive if the emails have valuable information.

Such as regarding what the business and its solutions to customers can do for the email subscribers.

This can be anything from giving the subscribers an attention-grabbing deal to providing an offer currently in high demand. 

Another excellent way for companies to improve the click-through rate of their email marketing is with the help of a call to action.

A well-crafted subject line and emails optimized for mobile devices will improve rates.

All in all, this information points to the effectiveness of personalization in the email marketing effort. But of course, this means companies must generate data from their email subscribers.

Furthermore, using the data to create insights to impact essential email marketing metrics positively.

Improving email conversion rates

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The last metric that companies need to keep track of and improve the performance of in their email marketing efforts is the conversion rates.

To improve the conversion rate of email marketing efforts, companies must optimize every single email they send.

Doing so will ensure that it will engage on the devices the subscribers prefer to use to see the emails and that the emails themselves are readable.

More than 40% of emails people view through mobile and desktop devices. Therefore, companies must ensure that all their email marketing efforts are optimized for their subscribers’ devices.

Dara Busch is co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency

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