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  • Windows 11 logo Windows 11 logo

    Windows 11 might finally add RGB lighting controls

    Instead of having to deal with multiple, half-ass RGB controllers.

  • Chromebooks on purple background Chromebooks on purple background

    Gaming Chromebooks with RGB keyboards are on the horizon

    We're not saying RGB keyboards mean gaming, but...

  • Razer n95 facemask Razer n95 facemask

    Razer’s ridiculous RGB face mask will actually be available to buy later this year

    You'll be able to buy one in Q4, maybe.

  • Razer n95 facemask Razer n95 facemask

    Razer’s insane RGB face mask concept is actually becoming a reality

    The ultimate LAN party accessory?

  • Razer n95 facemask Razer n95 facemask

    Razer has a ridiculous N95 face mask with voice amplification and RGB lighting

    It may never actually reach the public, but it is wild.

  • Hyperx predator Hyperx predator

    Review: HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB

    RGB goes fierce.

  • Loftek led cube lamp Loftek led cube lamp

    Review: Loftek RGB LED Cube Lights – Glow in style

    RGB goes with more than just custom PCs.

  • Spearhead vr Spearhead vr

    Review: The 1MORE USA Spearhead VR gaming headset

    The Spearhead VR of the best headsets I've ever used.

  • Antec dark fleet df500 Antec dark fleet df500

    Review: Antec Dark Fleet DF500 RGB PC case

    RGB, tempered glass and it only costs how much?

  • Computex 2018 corsair Computex 2018 corsair

    Here’s what Corsair showed off at Computex 2018

    It wouldn't be Computex without the king of RGB.

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