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Tech that can help you work smarter, not harder, as you telecommute [Infographic]

Tech can help keep you on task, help you stay organized, and even help you communicate more effectively

Remote work has been growing in popularity over the last few years, but in the last few weeks, it has become a necessity. Even though there is a global pandemic going on, work still has to get done and it has to get done well. Fortunately, there are tons of technological solutions that can help you look your best as you learn the ropes of remote work over the coming weeks.

In 2016, 85% of work globally was done by virtual teams. This has given rise to software and apps designed to help people collaborate effectively even when they aren’t working together face-to-face. 

Workers want these collaborative tools because they want their teams to always be improving their processes and making their collaborative efforts stronger. They want access to technology that is going to improve their work and their teams.

Between 2005 and 2019 distance work increased 115%, but thanks to the global pandemic that figure has surged even more in recent weeks.

Tech can help keep you on task, help you stay organized, and even help you communicate more effectively:

  • Grammarly not only checks your written communication for spelling and grammar, it aso checks for tone so you know how your communications will come across
  • Slack helps you organize projects and tasks into channels for easier collaboration among your team
  • Shift Browser streamlines your communication across one workstation for efficiency
  • Invision helps teams collaborate on design projects
  • Sequel helps you program a bot to respond to your social channels

Learn more about tech tools that can help you look good and work smarter, not harder, from the infographic below!

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