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Technology improving travel connectivity and Iceland’s airline ecosystem

In this article, you will find out how technology improves travel connectivity and airline ecosystems in Iceland.


The technology-driven airline industry has created new capabilities and opportunities that are changing how people fly around the world, but there is still room to improve travel connectivity and enhance Iceland’s airline ecosystem.

By employing new technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning, Iceland’s airlines can get better insights into their operations and market.

This allows them to better serve customers with more connectivity options and create opportunities to grow their businesses while making the most of their aircraft and crew assets. You can often find out about Iceland’s airlines by visiting a travel site about Iceland.

Yet, with all the advances, you might want to learn more. In this article, you will find out how technology improves travel connectivity and airline ecosystems in Iceland.

Technology improving travel connectivity and Iceland’s airline ecosystem

Icelandair (IW) is leading the way

In a recent development, Icelandair (IW) has become the first airline in the world to team up with Microsoft to use artificial intelligence (AI) and the power of the cloud to enhance the travel experience for its passengers.

This is just one way IW uses technology to improve travel connectivity and broaden Iceland’s airline ecosystem.

The company is also the only global carrier offering flight access between North America and Europe, with non-stop flights from Reykjavik International Airport to New York JFK International Airport via Dublin, Ireland.

Image: Unsplash

After completing these flights, passengers can connect seamlessly onto onward journeys across Icelandair’s entire network.

Furthermore, all aircraft are equipped with free high-speed Wi-Fi internet, which offers an easy connection to Netflix or other popular streaming services.

Passengers can enjoy their favorite content without interruption as they take in the views outside the window during their journey.

With this new partnership, customers will have better access to real-time data that will help them prepare for their journey and offer more personalized recommendations before they depart on their next trip.

IW has formed an MOU with WOW Air (WW)

IW, the national carrier of Iceland, has formed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with WOW air (WW), a low-cost airline.

The MOU signals both airlines’ commitment to working together to improve travel connectivity between Iceland and North America. IW will provide WW with ground handling services at Keflavik International Airport.

In addition, the two airlines will codeshare on select flights, making it easier for passengers to book connecting flights.

The partnership is an important step in IW’s efforts to broaden its airline ecosystem and offer more travel options to its customers.

IW will also work with Flugfelag Islands Hf. (FIH)

To improve travel connectivity in Iceland and broaden the airline ecosystem, IW will work with Flugfelag Islands Hf. (FIH).

FIH is an Icelandic scheduled airline that offers flights to and from various domestic destinations.

Through this partnership, IW will help support the development of a new booking system and a customer management system. In addition, IW will also work on developing a mobile app for FIH.

This app will offer features such as flight information, check-in, and push notifications. It will also have a notification service when flight delays or cancellations occur.

It will enable users to make bookings without any need for physical tickets. They’ll simply need to show their boarding pass at the gate or airport security checkpoint.

The FIH app will include these customer benefits and serve as a way for locals and tourists alike to explore Iceland’s beauty through tours, activities, and other tourism-related content provided by FIH’s partners.

Isavia, the National Aviation Authority of Iceland, has entered into an agreement with Verne Global (VG)

The companies will work together to create a new aviation technology test bed at Keflavik International Airport.

The test bed will aim to improve travel connectivity and broaden Iceland’s airline ecosystem by investigating new technologies that can be used in aviation.

This is a part of Isavia’s goal to make Keflavik a hub for innovation in the aviation industry.

Implementation of a new airport in Keflavik

airport showing boarding times and flights tsa
Image: Unsplash

A new airport has been built in Keflavik, which is good news for those looking to travel to Iceland.

The old airport was becoming outdated and unable to keep up with the number of people wanting to travel to the country.

The new airport is a state-of-the-art facility that will help accommodate the growing number of travelers.

It is also equipped with the latest technology, which will help improve travel connectivity and make it easier for people to get around the country.

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