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The best cryptocurrency apps for Android

An app can enable you to have access to your portfolio or how the market is behaving.

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To earn a substantial amount of money, you need to have different income sources or invest in more than one asset. In the traditional way of investing in currency, you could pick the newspaper or check the security exchange website to see how each currency was trading against the other. With the introduction of cryptocurrency and advanced technology, it is now easy to download an app and trade different cryptocurrencies.

It is very convenient for most users since a phone is a portable device you have with you all the time. With a click, you can see real-time data on how the crypto you have invested in is behaving, or you can browse through until you find a coin that you want to trade-in.

Features that you need to check before settling on a crypto android app

Security and safety are the most crucial features in any trading platform. You always want to be assured that your funds are safe; no one can hack into your account to transfer all your coins to another account. In simple terms, you need to have the certainty that only you can access your account if you have not shared your log-in details with someone else.

A seamless payment gateway is essential. Picture a scenario where you want to buy Uniswap. When you try to link your account to the app you are using, you get errors like the account you are using is not supported by the app, or when the transfer is done, it takes longer before the transaction is complete. In the crypto world, 24 hours can make you lose or earn a lot of money. To avoid lost opportunities, ensure you select an app that supports most of the used cards like VISA, credit cards,  or online transfer funds like PayPal.

Real-time data keeps you in the loop of what’s happening and how the market is performing. You get to see precisely how the crypto is trading. You even have access to data and information to enable you to know when and how much to trade.

Check on the reviews; some users can be malicious and give out bad reviews to mess up with the app’s validity, but if it has more than five bad reviews, make your decision wisely.

The best and secure app, Bitcoin Profit

The best comes first, right? Bitcoin Profit is a crypto market that ensures safety and security are a top priority. As I wrote earlier, in any marketplace, security and safety are crucial.

To start trading, you need a minimum of only $250. It enables any user, no matter their expertise level, to trade at the Bitcoin Profit app. Remember, how much money you earn depends on how much money you invest. If you invest more, you make more profits. However, if you are a beginner, limit the money you invest in. It can cushion you if the price falls, and instead of making a profit, you incur a loss.

Visit the Bitcoin profit app and enjoy the best cryptocurrency trading experience. You will not be charged any fees, may it be in the form of brokerage commission, or hidden costs. You only need to follow the steps when creating an account and load up your wallet with a minimum initial investment of $250.

The fantastic app for beginners, Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the best crypto apps. It is simple, easy to use, and convenient. To enjoy the services offered, you need to create an account, transfer existing crypto to your wallet or buy crypto and store them in your wallet.  

To enable you to buy or sell crypto, you need funds. To get the funds, link your bank account to your coinbase account. You can download the app and make it easy for you to check your portfolio any time you want.

Coinbase can make it easy for you to check how your portfolio is performing. It can show you the coins that are moving fast and also updated news on crypto. It also simplified the view of all the coins available at coinbase with their respective real-time market price and growth percentage. It is essential if you want to trade in specific crypto. If you’re going to trade in Bitcoin, for example, click on Prices then Bitcoin. You can be able to view a performance graph, market statistics, and news about Bitcoin. You do not need to do additional research to learn more about Bitcoin performance as the information is available.

You can schedule buys whenever you feel like, with intervals that suit you, and use time-delayed withdrawal schedules to tighten security on your wallet.

Easy and straightforward to use, Gemini

Gemini has straightforward tools that make it an easy app to operate. It enables you to track real-time data on any crypto available in the Gemini crypto market anytime you want.

It helps you build your portfolio and set alerts on prices. For example, if you want to sell  Bitcoin when the market price hits $60,000, you set your price target as $60000, and when Bitcoin hits that price, you get notified. Gemini is a handy tool for a busy person and does not have time to check how the markets perform.

In less than 3 minutes, you can create an account with Gemini, fund your account and buy crypto. It is secure and protects your data from third parties.


Crypto trading is a volatile market meaning that Bicton can be selling at $60,000 right now, and then minutes later, you find it is $58,000 or $62,000. Before making any trade, do your research, ensure you have all the information needed. Be aware of how your coin of choice has been behaving.

The beauty of crypto trading is how diversified it is; you can use Bitcoin to exchange goods and services or Vechain to enhance your supply chain quality. An app can enable you to have access to your portfolio or how the market is behaving. You can buy or sell crypto while enjoying drinks with your friends in a split of a second. If you are interested or already trading in crypto, an app is an added advantage that can keep you updated.

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