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The Cicret Bracelet brings a whole new meaning to wearables

Most wearables are lame, but the Cicret Bracelet is pushing things in the right direction. See how they’re giving you the power of a tablet…on your skin!

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Wearables have been on a tough streak lately. You’re either pro-wearables or anti-wearables; there’s really no middle ground. Luckily, they’ve been getting better. With the introduction of Microsoft’s Fitbit, Pebble Steel, and soon, the all-new Apple Smartwatch, it’s no wonder that developers from all over are jumping on the wearables bandwagon.

The latest breakthrough in this technology comes from the people over at Cicret. They have developed a wearable that’s like a tablet, but for your wrist.

With the Cicret Bracelet, you can make your skin your new touchscreen.

Imagine being able to respond to an urgent email in the shower, or referring to a map while on a bike ride? Well, you can do that and more with this groundbreaking device.

How does it work?


According to their video, “the picoprojector projects the interface on your arm. When you put your fingers on the interface, you stop one of the 8 long-range proximity sensors.”

From there, the sensor sends the information back to the processor which is in the Cicret Bracelet. It’s amazing how much technology is packed in this little device. Here’s what I’m talking about:


Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on one of these just yet, since the device is still in its prototype stage. However, you can further their cause by donating here. If this is the future of wearables, then sign me up!

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