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The Elago M4 is an iPhone stand you absolutely do not need, but definitely want

You don’t need it, you shouldn’t want it, but you’ll probably buy it anyways.

elago iPhone
Image: Elago

Let’s get something out of the way right now. Does anyone actually use phone stands? Have I been missing out on some quality gadgetry over the years, because I just don’t see it, I fail to see the utility in an honest-to-God stand. The little kickstands that you’ll find on cases, sometimes, maybe I can see it being helpful, but dedicated stands? Miss me with that ish.

Now that I’ve told you how much I hate smartphone stands, let me introduce you to the Elago M4 iPhone stand. Our love for nostalgia knows no bounds, and this is the perfect example of something that really doesn’t need to exist, yet will be bought like gangbusters because of some weird loyalty to a brand that would later go on to design the smartphone in your pocket.

And what better way to honor your new, more sophisticated iPhone than by placing it in the lifeless, hollow shell of the original Macintosh.

Simply slide your iPhone in, run your power cable through, and you have a really inconvenient way of looking at a landscape view of your phone! Hook up a Bluetooth keyboard so you can damage your eyesight even more as you squint to look at your baby screen! Want to use your large screen “Plus” iPhone screen in the M4 stand? Too bad, because this only works with the 6, 6S, and iPhone 7.

The retro Macintosh stand will run you $34.99 and go perfectly with your retro Apple watch stand.

► Elago M4 iPhone Stand

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