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iOS 15 is bringing back the magnifying glass for selecting text

Welcome back, old friend.

Ios 15 magnifier text
Image: KnowTechie

Apple doesn’t usually reintroduce something that it’s removed from its software or devices, but it seems the beloved magnifying glass for text selection is a rare exception. It’s back in iOS 15, in a new, improved way.

Once again, tapping and holding on text that you’re typing on brings up a small bubble above your finger that magnifies what’s under your finger, so you can find the place you want to edit more easily.

That’s how it used to work before iOS 13 removed the magnifying aid, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s back.

I absolutely hate trying to edit text on iOS 14, between the tiny font and my oversized thumbs, something always goes wrong. The old magnifying loupe let me see what was under my thumb, but above my thumb so I could comfortably slide around to find the spot I wanted to edit.

We should caution that iOS 15 is still in the early developer beta stages, so the magnifying glass might disappear or change to another size before the public version of iOS 15 is shown to the world this fall.

Still, the fact that it came back in this early stage must mean that Apple has been listening to customer feedback about the sorry state of text selection on iOS since its removal.

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