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The new Apple TV 4K has a redesigned remote and some killer features

You can use your iPhone to color calibrate your TV. How cool is that?

apple tv remote
Image: Apple

Apple just announced a refresh for the Apple TV 4K, which is now powered by the A12 Bionic chip. It’s got a redesigned remote, lots of environmentally-friendly parts, Dolby Vision, and an HDR high frame rate that works over AirPlay.

The coolest thing isn’t even that there’s a new remote, with touch response so you can make circular motions to jog through your content. It’s not that the aluminum enclosure is 100% recycled, or that it uses 100% recycled tin in the solder, or a whole bunch of other environmentally-friendly things that will make Apple products carbon-neutral by 2030.

apple tv 2021 features zero waste
Image: Apple

No, the coolest thing is that you can use your iPhone as a colorimeter to calibrate the TV your Apple TV is connected to.

That means you can now use the expensive, but already purchased, iPhone as a replacement for another, equally expensive piece of hardware that’s specifically designed to calibrate TV panels.

apple tv can color calibrate your tv with your iphone
Image: Apple

I can’t live without having a colorimeter for my computer monitors, so Apple baking this into the Apple TV 4K is immense. I just hope they’ll bring it to the iMac, iPad, and MacBook ranges, so I can keep all of my devices color-matched.

You’ll be able to order the new Apple TV 4K on April 30, with availability in the second half of May. The 32GB storage version is $179, and the 64GB version is $199.

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