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The software that can help you overcome problems faced by your Wi-Fi network

Using any of this software should help you to quickly spot any problems that arise on your Wi-Fi network.

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It can be frustrating when something interferes with the connection to your Wi-Fi network, particularly when the cause of the problem is not immediately apparent. Sometimes the classic technique of ‘turn it off and on again’ doesn’t work, which means that it is time to explore alternative methods. Fortunately, there is a wide range of software available to help you detect the barriers faced by your network.

Once you’ve identified the root of the problem, you can take focused action to deal with the issue. Some problems are caused by technical factors, from low frequencies to insufficient bandwidth. Other problems are more tangible, like the distance to the router or obstacles acting as a physical barrier to the signal.

Here are three types of software to consider if you are experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi connection.

Heat mapping

A Wi-Fi heat map displays the extent of your Wi-Fi coverage and the strength of the signal in different areas, with the heat map overlaid on a room or building layout to make it easy to identify the dead zones with no signal reception. Wi-Fi heat mapping can be completed simply by carrying a portable device around the area in question. Once the heat mapping software has performed its job, it should be much easier to spot problem areas for your network. 

Dead zones may be a result of a physical obstacle disturbing the signal. You can experiment with moving objects around, then redoing the heat mapping process to see if anything has changed. If you’re unable to alter the layout of the room then you could move the router to a new location, or shift your workstation to a place with a stronger signal.

Wireless network analyzer

If you lack information about your Wi-Fi’s performance, then a wireless network analyzer is the optimal solution. A wireless network analyzer evaluates the key aspects of your Wi-Fi, providing insights into the configuration of your network, the scale of your connectivity, and the potential interference caused by traffic.

The information provided by the analyzer gives the admin the insight required to ensure the Wi-Fi network operates effectively and without unnecessary disruption. The process of Wi-Fi analysis can take place quietly in the background, so there is immediate troubleshooting in the event of any connectivity issues. This type of software is invaluable in a business environment, where even the smallest disruption to internet use costs a company money.

Network scanner

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A slow Wi-Fi connection may be the result of too many devices accessing the network. If you’re sat in a location where the signal is usually strong, but your device is being sluggish to load webpages, it may be worth deploying a network scanner. This scanner detects all of the devices connected to your network, from smartphones to routers.

A network scanner is a handy way of reminding you of all the devices connected to your internet; perhaps there’s a data-hungry application running on a tablet that you’d forgotten about, or perhaps someone is gaming online at a time when you need the internet for work. A network scanner can also help you identify any unwelcome devices leeching off your Wi-Fi, which probably means that it is time to upgrade your password.

Using any of this software should help you to quickly spot any problems that arise on your Wi-Fi network. Heat mapping software may highlight physical obstacles, a wireless network analyzer will allow you to assess network traffic, while a scanner can identify hostile devices. Once the cause of the problem is clear, it becomes much easier to find a solution. 

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