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The top 8 safety apps for women for 2020

The new year is upon us, protect your self with these safety apps in 2020.

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Staying safe used to mean carrying a rape alarm or perhaps a whistle. In other words, if something happened on the streets you needed to draw attention to your plight as fast as possible.

But, that’s not the only issue facing women now. It’s not just a physical world anymore, there are digital dangers including theft of personal details, intimate photos, and even online harassment. You’re certainly not alone, reports estimate that 4 in 10 Americans have experienced online harassment. 

You need to take steps to protect yourself now, these 8 safety apps will help:

My SafetiPin

This app is designed to provide a GPS position to the emergency services. In fact, it can even call your emergency contact numbers for you if you signal you’re in danger.

It’s become exceptionally popular across the US. One feature that is both practical and helpful, is the safe place location list. It will appear as pins on your map and each location has a star rating to confirm how safe it is, allowing you to head for the best place possible.

You’ll also find pins that indicate unsafe areas, helping you to avoid being at risk in the first place.

Circle of 6

It’s aptly named, you can choose 6 contacts which are prepared to be contacted in an emergency.

There are actually 3 options with this app, chat, call, or car.

If you’re feeling unsafe or need a lift urgently then you simply hit the car button. The app will immediately send a message to your 6 emergency contacts. It can tell the locations of your emergency contacts and then tell the closest one where you are so they can pick you up.

Pushing the call function allows you to call all 6 of your contacts at the same time, this can be very useful if you’re feeling unsafe and need a little support or backup.

The third option, chat, allows you to send messages to all 6 contacts at the same time, this means they can all provide advice and help to keep you safe.

It’s good to note that the app also has an emergency option, simply push this to get connected to the emergency services.



This app is actually designed as a mobile phone tracker to monitor where children are and what they are doing. It allows you to see text messages, calls, location information, and even instant messages. 

If a woman has a friend or partner she trusts, they can install this app and be aware of everything that is going on, helping them to know where the woman is and how they can help.


This app is free and can be installed in moments.

Once activated it will send location information to a specified network of guardians. It will also send audio and video messages and has an emergency response option that alerts the emergency services and the guardians that you’re in distress.

At the same time, it provides your latest GPS coordinates.

This app is designed to help you share personal information online without fear of it being hacked. Although designed to help manage client information, it’s also a great way to ensure your own information stays safe. 

The great thing is that this app is cloud-based, allowing you to access it whenever you want.


This app simply converts your email address into a custom URL which you can then share. It simply stops your email address from being accessed and used for spam and other activities.

It may be a simple tool but it’s effective and will help to keep your personal details safe online.

Watch Me

This is a great idea if you’re entering a situation that you’re not sure about. The app allows you to shoot and share videos, share older videos, or even a clip of part of your day. The idea is that the designated receivers will instantly know that you are safe or that you’re in danger, the video clip will tell them everything they need to know to help you if necessary.


This is just aimed at women, senior citizens and even children  can find it useful. The aim of this app is to get you the fastest possible medical aid when you need it. It effectively works as a panic button. Simply press the emergency button on the app and the closest emergency response teams will react to assist you. 

The app provides your details and location to help if your medical emergency has rendered you unable to communicate. 

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