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Flic is the Tinder for deleting photos from your iPhone

Deleting photos from your iPhone can be tedious at times. This new app, Flic is here to change that.

Whats the easiest way you know to free up space on your iPhone? Most people would say by trashing old photos. I would agree. But deleting a bunch of photos from iOS isn’t always the easiest….until now.

Flic makes it fun to delete old photos from your phone. It works very much like the dating service app, Tinder.

Here’s how it works:

A giant thumbnail is presented to you. If you want to keep the photo, swipe it to the right. Want to drop the pic like a bad habit? Swipe it to the left. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

From there your photos are sent to the trash, where you can ultimately decide if you want to send them off to neverland. Never as in “never coming back.”

 The impending monthly reminder

To ensure you stay vigilant against unwanted photos in your camera roll, Flic will send out a monthly push notification, hat tipping you to go attack your photo album with it’s swiping powers. Other than that, you won’t hear a peep from Flic until the following month.

Flic launched sometime last week and is currently only eclusive for iOS at a whooping price of $0.99. According to the Verge, “the developer says it will eventually go  up to $1.99.  If I had an iPhone, I would totally get it.


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