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This company devised a genius solution to stadium seating

Ziba, the company behind the genius solution to stadium seating shows off their JumpSeat.

When it comes to going to a baseball or basketball game, one of the things I hate most about the experience is the seating arrangement. If you’ve ever had the privilege of sitting at the end of a long row sharing a night with beer chugging heathens, then the idea of getting up and down to let your fellow Mongloids plunder the beer or bathroom line is probably not the way you pictured your night.

Thankfully Ziba, a company out in Portland is looking to revolutionize the auditorium seating game by introducing a vertebrae style folding chair. To show it how it works, they outfitted their headquarters 175 seat auditorium with their new JumpSeats.

JumpSeat is an easily removable chair that can be manufactured easily and locally. No special tools or materials are required to build it. The way it works is pretty simple too. JumpSeat is composed of two flat sheets of wood. The folding mechanism is based on the human vertebrae, which allows the wood panels to fold on top of each other, similar to how the bones in the spine would react. From there, the panels stretch allowing the wood to withstand pressure up to 600 pounds. Pretty far out stuff.

Check out the full video below to see JumpSeat in action: 


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