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Nostalgic GTA IV mod lets you channel your inner Marty McFly

YouTube user seedyrom34 took GTA IV mods to the next level with this full-functional, fully-detailed DeLorean time machine straight out of Back to the Future.

GTA IV back to the future mod

If you needed another good reason to go out and spend a wad of money on a gaming PC, then this video of GTA IV with a Back to the Future mod might be it.

YouTube user seedyrom34 spent months modding his version of GTA IV. In that time he was able to replicate a fully functional DeLorean that would even make Doc Brown jealous. It even comes equipped with a working flux capacitor.

If you thought driving around in the city in a DeLorean was cool all in itself, seedyrom34 even took the liberty of making it travel through time in the game. It’s like bro, do you even mod?!

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