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This is what Japan’s supermarket of the future looks like

Remember when self-checkouts were all the rage? Japan just put a huge twist on the whole concept.

Remember when supermarkets introduced self-checkouts? Well, Japan is jumping on the bandwagon and adding a whole new twist to the shopping experience.

In the video, you’ll see a shopper go about her regular shopping routine, but instead of lugging around a carriage, she utilizing a basket with a built-in scanner. She scans the items she’s purchasing and drops them in the basket.

This is where the magic happens.

When she’s done finding the stuff she needs, she proceeds to an automated self-checkout. The basket is placed on a tray which sucks the basket in and bags all of her good in one quick motion. From there, she takes her bag and proceeds out the door.

Sure, it’s not groundbreaking stuff or anything, but as someone who likes zero human interaction at the supermarket, this is something I hope to see in the near future.


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