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This masked TikTok group is hunting down internet trolls and exposing them in under 10 clicks

They call themselves ‘The Great Londini.’

tiktok vigilante group londini

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A group of masked vigilantes is identifying and outing trolls on TikTok. The group, which calls itself “The Great Londini,” has been browsing the popular social media app for users who make comments or posts that they don’t like, and revealing their identities to the public.

According to the videos on their YouTube channel, The Great Londini spends time perusing TikTok for comments that resemble some kind of bullying. They then make a short Tik Tok video outing the “offender.” In some videos, Londini claims to contact employers or parents of these trolls to let them know about the comments.

In an interview with the BBC, a man who calls himself Leo and claims to be the face of the Great Londini group spoke out about the group’s mission. He calls Londini “anti-trolls” who are “taking social media back from the bullies, pedophiles, scammers, and trolls.”

Leo claims that Londini is helping TikTok with content moderation by sending the company every piece of information it uncovers. But TikTok doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Nine Great Londini accounts have been permanently deleted and the tenth account has been suspended for cyberbullying multiple times.

TikTok has yet to say anything about the group as of yet, but the company does want to ensure its users that it is doing everything it can to combat cyberbullying on its platform. The company removed nearly 62 million videos from the platform in this year’s first quarter alone.

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