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This website uses AI to generate memes and they are terribly wonderful

Still better than most of the ones you see on Twitter.

ai generated meme
If only it were this easy (I'm so lonely)

I’m going to make a bold statement and say that memes are the only thing keeping this world afloat right now. Things are terrible, but memes are eternal.

Creating memes can be tough, and many people fail, but what if you could get an AI to make the memes for you? Well, they would still be terrible, but you can at least blame *waves vaguely* the AI. Now, you can do just that with Imgflip and its AI-driven meme-making machine.

The results are seriously terrible but sometimes brilliant. We’ve compiled a couple below and if you want to make your own (“make” used here very very loosely), you can do that by heading to this website right here.

AI-generated memes that are both spicy and soggy

“My wife” in my best Borat voice

Don’t come at me like this, computer

Very cool, bot, thank you

This one was made for Kevin


I am convinced this bot was made for Kevin

Huge if true

The AI is calling me out and I don’t like it

If you need me, I’ll be generating an endless stream of AI-generated memes for the next three to four hours.

What do you think? Is this amazing or terrible? Maybe both? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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