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This website shows you what NASA’s Hubble telescope saw on your birthday

Take a quick break from the stresses of the day and look at pictures of space.

nasa's hubble telescope in space
Image: NASA

Space is cool. It’s also really freaking beautiful. I don’t know about you, but I could look at pictures of space for hours, exploring nebulas and galaxies and everything in between. Now, NASA has a website that will show you what its iconic Hubble telescope was looking at on your birthday.

It doesn’t specify a year or anything but just bases it off of your birthday month and day. It can be anything from planets and star clusters to the literal galactic center of the Milky Way. Some of the results the KnowTechie team has gotten have been stunning and it has been a nice distraction while many of us are anxious about the current state of things.

If you want to see what NASA’s Hubble telescope captured on your birthday, follow this link and hang around to see some of the KnowTechie birthday images below.

Check out some of our birthday images from NASA

Ugly people (Kevin), beautiful pictures.

Kevin’s birthday – men are from Mars, Kevin is from Boston

nasa hubble telescope birthday images

Image: NASA

Curtis’ birthday – much like his writing, his picture is vague and mysterious

nasa hubble telescope

Image: NASA

Joe’s birthday – Joe may be spiraling from being stuck at home, but space is constantly spiraling


Image: NASA

Josiah’s birthday – is this the space version of the Eye of Sauron?

little ghost nebula

Image: NASA

Make sure to go check out your own birthday image on NASA’s website and feel free to share your images with us on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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