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This website will tell you how shit your music tastes are

I need to reevaluate my life.

judge my spotify robot
Image: The Pudding

Look, you have bad music tastes. Don’t worry, we all do. But if you need a reality check into just how shit your tastes are, a new website will let you connect your Spotify account all in an effort to roast the ever-loving hell out of you.

Judge My Spotify is powered by The Pudding and is simple enough. Connect your Spotify, let it scan your music, answer some tough questions, and wait for your results.

Personally, I had to do a “Fuck, Marry, Kill” between Turnpike Troubadours, American Aquarium, and Ed Sheeran (Marry, Kill, Fuck, obvs). It also asked me if I listen to Noah Gundersen ironically (I don’t.) It asked me I was ok (I’m not), and plenty of other questions while making rude-but-real observations. Yeah, I listen to Barbie Girl by Aqua a lot, what of it? Screw this robot.

Screenshot: KnowTechie

It will then take your answers and brutally rip you to shreds. It called me a “boomer with feelings” before roasting me about wearing Carhartt at my desk job. Then it compared me to an artisanal coffee shop.

Anyways, just do it. Go get roasted (not a coffee shop pun). It’s fun.

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