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Transform your selfie game with this super flexible tripod

Up your selfie game with this super flexible tripod.

Flexible Tripod Stand

This $9 flexible tripod will change how you take pictures on your smartphone.

Selfie sticks aren’t for everyone, but it surely doesn’t mean we can’t take the best group shot. Luckily, this $9 flexible portable tripod is super lightweight and insanely simple to use.

With it you’ll be able snag pictures you never thought were possible. Wrap the flexible legs around tree limbs, fences, poles, doorknobs, and much more and watch your photo game grow.

Here’s the key details: 

  • Connect to a smartphone or small digital camera & take pictures from tight places
  • Wrap the legs around almost anything to take creative shots
  • Level your camera on even the most uneven surfaces
  • Carry it around easily thanks to the collapsible legs
  • Make sure everybody is in the picture

► Flexible Tripod for Smartphones & Cameras, $9

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