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Truebill is an app that helps you cancel all those unwanted subscriptions

The average Truebill user saves $512 per year.

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I remember the first time it happened to me. I had snagged this new hotness people were calling Amazon Prime and used the benefits associated with it heavily for a few months. Eventually, I kind of forgot about it, not really using Amazon’s services often. Well, I should say I forgot about it for about ten months, until I got hit with the yearly renewal that sent my dwindling bank account spiraling into a world of overdraft fees and rearranging my money.

Millions of people deal with recurring payments every month and year, many they are aware that they’re paying for, but also ones you might not realize. That airplane wi-fi or that “free” credit check, the small amounts going unnoticed for months or years while you send money to a company for a service you’re not even using.

That’s where something like Truebill comes into play. The company works with you, and your bank accounts, to identify subscription services you’re paying for, and, if you so choose, cancel them for you. No effort required on your part. Truebill studies the different ways subscription services require cancellation and automate the process where available. Whether it is an email, phone call, or mailed letter, Truebill will make sure they service is canceled, and will even help you try and get a refund if applicable.

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In the latest news from the company, they will even help you get bank fees back if there has been an overdraft due to a subscription based service. By studying the algorithms of different banking institutions, Truebill better understands what factors lead a bank to decisions on bank fee refunds and uses that knowledge to leverage refunds for their clients (you).

In 2015, $11 billion was spent in bank fees alone, so obviously this is a big issue, one that many, many people deal with. Now with Truebill helping out with bank fees, in addition to all of the other help they provide, they are positioning themselves to be a must-have app in a world of subscription services.

The app can be downloaded via the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android.


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