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Twitch is finally trying to cut down on harassment by adding phone and email verification for chat

Creators and moderators can now require phone verification before users send messages in chat.

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Over the last few months, hate and harassment have run somewhat rampant on the popular livestreaming platform Twitch, leading up to a sitewide protest earlier this month. Now, the platform has responded with more options for a more strictly moderated Chat.

Earlier this week, Twitch announced that it would be adding some new tools to help creators and moderators control their chat rooms. The platform has decided to add the option for a phone-verified-only chat, as well as expanding the options for email verification.

Enabling these options on a creator’s end requires some or all accounts to be verified by a phone number or email address before they get chat privileges.

Creators and moderators can require all accounts to be verified, or they can choose certain stipulations, like non-subscribers or accounts that were recently created. Creators are also able to add exceptions for moderators, VIPs, and any other potential Twitch chatters.

As part of this new feature, any accounts that are verified with the same phone number are treated the same in terms of moderation. That means if one account is banned from a channel, all accounts tied to that phone number are also banned. This will be a great way to help curb ban evasion from users that just create new accounts.

The new verification options will be turned off by default, but creators and moderators can use their Twitch dashboards to set the new feature up to their liking. This seems like a pretty good system and response from Twitch and hopefully these new features help to stop the hate raids and harassment that has become way too common on the platform.

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