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Twitter added a search button to profile pages making it easier to find someone’s bad tweets

Right now, this new search functionality is only available to iOS users.

knowtechie twitter profile showing the new search profile button
Image: KnowTechie

If you’re an iOS user of Twitter, you might have noticed a new search button on profile pages. It’s there to search through the old tweets of that specific profile, making it a little easier to dig up someone’s past tweets.


XDA Developers says the feature should be rolling out to everyone on the iOS app. Tapping the search button on any profile brings up a search box that says “Search @[profile name]’s Tweets,” and it limits the search to just that profile. Neat if you want to see what a specific person has to say on a subject, without having to sift through Twitter’s usual search, which isn’t an easy experience.

Android users, you can still get the same functionality by using a few extra words in the normal Twitter search box, like if you were doing an advanced search of your email inbox.

For example, if you wanted to search through my tweets to see how many times I mention Google’s Pixel handsets, you could use from:iWalkingCorpse pixel. That’s from:[Twitter handle] [search term] for future reference.

With Twitter adding a Search button to individual profiles, maybe some individuals will think twice before shooting their hot takes into the Twitterverse. Then again, the people we really wish would keep it in the drafts folder all thrive on controversy, so this change isn’t likely to change anything for their content.

This is the latest tweak from Twitter in a long line of attempts to improve the platform. This week, Spaces got the ability to create direct links so that anyone can listen in, regardless if they have an account or not, Instagram link previews sort of went back to normal, and recently the ability to host Spaces was opened to every account, even those with small follower counts.

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