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USA vs. Japan with bigger, better Battlebots

Pacific Rim was a great movie, but it’s better IRL.

The fight we have been waiting two years for finally happened, and it didn’t include any blood. Science fiction comes to life as Japan’s Kuratas robot takes on USA’s Iron Glory and Eagle Prime. The two countries teams met in an abandoned steel mill where the fight would take place.

The battle was broadcasted worldwide via Twitch, and the chat where users could discuss and comment on the match was flooded with fans supporting both sides. The giant robot battle actually happened a while ago, but the video was clipped together and broadcasted via Youtube. The first minutes into the fight were devastating as Japan’s Kuratas one-punched America’s Iron Glory. It was a one hit TKO that had the world reeling. Of course, USA wasn’t going to let this go unanswered.

Enter: Eagle Prime.

Eagle Prime is a newer bot that’s loaded with advanced weaponry like a Gatling gun and a punishing all-mechanical claw. Kuratas put up a mean fight as it made landing an effective blow somewhat difficult. The two robots wound up getting stuck together, but USA’s Eagle Prime had a trick up its sleeve. Eagle Prime pulled out a chainsaw that left Kuratas dismembered. Victory for USA!

This fight was filmed and edited over the course of a couple of days, Motherboard reports. “The duel was filmed over a number of days, but all of the repair time was cut out,” MegaBot’s co-founder, Matt Oehrlein, said in an email to Motherboard. “The action was real and we aimed to create the most entertaining fight possible. We’re letting the video speak for itself!”

It was obvious that this fight was all for show and was set up to be entertainment rather than a real sporting event. For me, however, this was more entertaining than the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight that people paid hundreds, if not thousands to see.

I was also delighted to know that this isn’t going to be the last we see of these massive robot fights. China’s Monkey King is no doubt a challenge with its impressive design. The Money King can either fight on all fours or stand on its hind legs while wielding a massive staff. This sounds like some Power Ranger crossed Transformer fight. Give me more!


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