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Virtual reality and augmented reality is the future of online casinos


There was a stir in online gambling industry a couple of years back which talks about Virtual Reality games. With advancements in technology, the Virtual and Augmented Reality gaming is taking off. The future of online casinos seems to be bright with the industry gaining a steady momentum. The number of bets from the VR and AR online casinos is all set to grow to £423 million as per few reports by the year 2021.  

Virtual Reality – The future of online casinos 

Online gambling generates £3 billion annually in the UK as per the recent statistics. This figure is set to grow with the launch of more VR and AR online casinos. Online casinos go through constant evolution and growth. VR and AR online casinos have opened up a new spectrum of the base of players, thereby augmenting the annual growth in the industry by 10%. The inception of AR and VR will draw in more players and widen the horizons of the online gaming industry. People would be more comfortable playing from the comfort of their home instead of spending money to step out.

VR portals offer numerous benefits to the online gambling industry as far as marketing opportunities and customer experiences are concerned. VR transports the players to exciting locations without having to leave their home. Online and mobile casinos are drawing groups of players by enhancing their offerings. Few online casino game providers have started developing AR and VR-based casino games. This makes it easier to guess the future of online casinos.   

With VR becoming the next big thing in the technology sector, the online gambling industry is getting quickly adapted to the major changes in the technology landscapes. It would not be wrong to expect big things from VR as it is bound to be the future of online casinos. Microgaming is leading the industry when it comes to VR gaming.   

Pokemon Go created a stir in the mobile gaming industry. This fresh new take on gaming, a lot of developers are reviving their games to adapt to the latest trends in the industry. Pokemon Go makes use of augmented reality, which is an innovative technology that adds virtual components in a physical environment. Gaming developers can make use of real backdrops with the aid of this technology for interacting with the players through game characters. AR permits games to be played anywhere. The best thing is the experience offered is unique each time. 

More and more developers in the online gambling industry are aware of the popularity of VR games. This has compelled them to adopt the technology in their offerings as well. Slot games can be made more engaging and advanced with the aid of augmented reality.

Microsoft is rolling out Hololens which can have a profound impact in the world of augmented reality. The headset being offered by them is much more advanced than what is being currently offered in the online gambling industry. Hololens can prove to be beneficial for casual games such as casino titles. Cutting edge developments are triggering massive growth in the VR and AR online casinos. This makes the future of online casinos quite evident. Infinity Augmented Reality Inc., in collaboration with Google, is set to change the way casino games are played online. Although there are challenges ahead, the future of online casinos seems to be bright.


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