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Watch this kid blast through Super Mario World blindfolded

If you played Super Mario Brothers a zillian times, then you’ll appreciate this kid blasting through levels blindfolded.

While you’re out there working the 9-5 grind like a common shmuck, this kid is blasting through Super Mario Levels like it’s his job or something. Oh wait, did we mention he does this all blindfolded?

Here’s how YouTube user PangaeaPanga did it, according to his YouTube video:

Some things to note about this: I play on emulator with keyboard, (arrow keys for movement, ASDW for running/jumping), which is why you might hear clicking/clacking sounds throughout the run. Emulator has a 4-frame input delay, which is why it appears that I press buttons earlier than when I move. Console does not have this problem, and I plan to do a blindfolded speedrun on console next.

Started learning blindfolded strategies on June 16. Started full runs on June 20. Finished a full run today. This run features 3 deaths (but no game overs, thankfully), getting lost briefly in Starworld, baby Yoshi eating the goal tape, and entertaining spectators to keep the hype up for when I was too concentrated on the run. Also, there is an input display at the bottom left side of the video, so you can see exactly what buttons I’m pressing.

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