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What are dedicated servers used for

In this article, you’ll get a more in-depth understanding of the uses of dedicated servers, so you can take advantage of this hosting solution with confidence.

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When it comes to infrastructure hosting, there are several options to choose from such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private server or VPS hosting, and the most sought dedicated server hosting.

While most hosting options share a server with multiple users, a dedicated server only caters to a single tenant, providing full resources and maximum performance. For this reason, dedicated server hosting is the most powerful, flexible, and reliable infrastructure hosting option.

In this article, you’ll get a more in-depth understanding of the uses of dedicated servers, so you can take advantage of this hosting solution with confidence.

What Is A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server refers to an enterprise-grade physical server, hosting the services and applications of a single tenant or hosting client. Businesses use dedicated servers Australia to host high-usage-demand web applications, high-traffic websites, and other hosting scenarios requiring heavy-duty and excellent server performance.

Uses Of Dedicated Servers

Now that you know the definition of a dedicated server, it’s time to learn how it’s used. In general, dedicated servers are more preferred than other hosting options because of their immense power and highly secure privacy.  

High-Traffic Websites

With a dedicated server, high traffic website owners enjoy using their very own entire physical server. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, it’s best to have it hosted on a 10Gbps dedicated server to ensure speed, reliability, and better security. 

A successful business website usually receives plenty of concurrent requests that require intensive resources, which dedicated servers provide. Contrary to popular belief, it’s less complex to set up a powerful dedicated server as compared with building a cluster of small machines.

Check the following advantages of using dedicated servers to high-traffic websites:

  • More traffic
  • Faster data processing
  • Avoid navigation lags and crashes
  • Increased sales

Multiple Websites

You can host multiple websites in one dedicated server as long as your resource usage is within your server CPU, HDD, or RAM usage limits. A single high-end dedicated server can support hundreds of moderately trafficked blogs, like WordPress sites.

Here are the advantages of managing multiple websites using one dedicated server:

  • Save Time And Effort: You only have to deal with one web host, which saves you a lot of time and effort as compared with managing multiple websites in multiple, different servers.
  • Better Security: Because the dedicated server is only used by you, there is a more stringent security set in place. 
  • Better Performance: A dedicated server can host even thousands of websites, so having several websites won’t hurt user experience.

Private Cloud Hosting

If your website frequently deals with sensitive user or customer information, use private cloud hosting in a dedicated server. Many organizations rent dedicated servers to run their virtual machines, private clouds, and even build public cloud hosting services.

Private cloud hosting in a dedicated server can be an excellent solution for large, high-level businesses requiring a reliable and scalable hosting choice. While you’ll need to have a good cash flow to support a high-level network, the business benefits are very rewarding, which includes the following:

  • Heightened Security Levels: As compared with public shared hosting, using a dedicated server doesn’t involve sharing your physical server with anyone else, which establishes an incredibly secure network that can work on multiple levels.
  • Better Customization: Because you’re the only user of the dedicated server, customizing it is a lot easier than other servers. For instance, you can customize the software, server hardware, and the server’s operating system, among others.
  • Very Reliable: Expect extreme reliability using cloud hosting networks. If you have a dedicated private cloud hosting network, your website will not be brought down by any other sites which usually happens on shared network servers.

Database Servers

Dedicated servers are most sought because they can support database servers. Databases commonly support business-critical operations. That is why they must be reliable. Also, they must read and write data fast.


Dedicated servers are most sought because they provide better performance as compared with other hosting options. All of the power is at the best disposal of a single client. Because of its great performance, a dedicated server is used in high-traffic websites, database servers, private cloud hosting, and multiple websites. 

Using dedicated servers for private cloud hosting allows you to easily manage data and provides a higher level of security than other types of servers. Also, dedicated servers are highly suitable for managing database servers as they have the capability to quickly read and write data, which are crucial in smooth daily business operations.

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