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What is the BeReal app?

This unfiltered photo-sharing app has been making waves over the last few months.

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A photo-sharing app that launched in 2019 has been gaining huge popularity among Gen Z in the past few months. BeReal is a social app for iOS and Android with a unique, anti-Instagram perspective.

The app challenges users to snap a single image of themselves at a surprise time during the day. And that’s it. That is your only chance to share on the platform for the day.

BeReal definitely breaks the mold on the curated, overproduced content that exists on most social media platforms.

Instead of showing only the most perfect moments of your friends’ lives, BeReal hopes to connect with each other through daily life.

Here’s how the BeReal app works

The app sends out a randomly-timed notification during the day. Once you receive that notification, you have two minutes to take a picture to share with your friends.

There’s no editing or filters. The app is all about sharing what you’re doing with your friends in real time.

When you go to take your image, the app will snap a shot with both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras on your device.

That way, not only do you share a picture of yourself in real time with your friends, but they also get a glimpse of what you’re up to with your surroundings.

BeReal works a lot differently than most of the other social apps out there

As most of us know by now, most social media platforms show a very narrow perspective of our friends’ lives.

Generally, people only tend to share the best or most important moments of their lives on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, so other people’s lives can seem more interesting than they actually are.

But BeReal is aiming for a more authentic approach. It remains to be seen whether BeReal will catch on permanently like other, bigger social platforms or if the app will be another flash in the pan.

Personally, using an app like this would give me an incredible amount of stress and anxiety. But I’m far from Gen Z, so I’m obviously not in the app’s demographic.

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