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Why you should invest in solar street lights

Here’s everything you need to know.

Solar-powered spotlight

Cities all across the world are increasingly choosing solar street lights. This is not just a fad, but rather a conscious decision informed by the needs of the 21st-century city.

If you are in government or any other policy-making level, there are solid reasons why you should consider initiating a solar street lighting project. For context, here are a few reasons why you should invest in solar street lights.

Low maintenance costs

One of the key benefits of solar street lights is that they don’t need any kind of maintenance. It may be costly in the short-term due to the installation costs, but once it’s done, that’s about it. However, this only applies to solar powered street lights that are installed by reputable companies.

A company like Solar Lighting International has a reputation for being a top player in the solar street lighting business. They can install street lights that can go for many years without ever requiring maintenance. 

Solar street lights can cut on overall costs of operations

Whether it is a business that is installing streets or a city, it takes money to run them. That’s because, when the lights are connected to the national grid, there are monthly power bills that come with such projects.

With solar street lights, these costs are eliminated. The cost savings from these recurrent expenditures can be used in other more productive things. For instance, a city can use these cost savings to fund programs that improve the lives of its residents. 

Solar street lights are better in times of emergencies

In times of emergencies such as natural disasters, the power grid is usually affected and power has to be switched off. These are issues that can be solved with power solar street lights. That’s because each solar street pole is independent, and isn’t connected to any external power source. As such, even in times of emergencies, they can remain operational.

Solar is a renewable energy source

The world is at a tipping point. Temperatures are hitting record levels, and there is every indication that global climate change is changing. This is attributable to human activities, especially the use of fossil fuels. As such, turning to renewable energy sources is the responsibility of every human being. One way to display this responsibility is by using solar street lights.

Solar is free and clean. As such, when deployed in a city, these street lights can go a long way in improving the quality of the air we breathe. 

It is good PR  

On top of being good for the environment, and relatively cheaper, solar is good PR. That’s because there is an increased global awareness of the need for clean energy. As such, any business that chooses to use solar as an energy source can expect to draw in goodwill from environmentally conscious customers.

For a city, this can be a good step towards attracting environmentally conscious investors. This can shore up the tax-base and help in maintaining good standards within the city. 

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