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Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog SpotMini should totally freak you out


Boston Dynamics was out in full force at a TechCrunch robotics event last Friday. Along with its humanoid robot, Atlas, they also showed off a robotic dog called SpotMini. Not looking at all like the Dog in Halflife 2, it does have a certain quirky charm of its own. Until… you realize that, like raptors, it can open doors.

Nope Nope Nope.

I prefer my robot buddies to be able to go into quarantine to guard against the robot uprising. Boston Dynamics say it’s in ‘pre-production,’ and it’ll be available for sale as early as next year, although they haven’t said exactly who will be able to buy it.

Tony Stark is probably already on the waitlist.

They’ve already built a 10 unit test run in-house, so full production can’t be far off. The SpotMini can climb up and down stairs, roll over, and even put things into a dishwasher. It can also walk by itself with autonomous navigation while open doors for its robot buddies.

If you excuse me, I’m going to climb a ladder into a treehouse for safety – the robots can’t climb into there. Well, at least not yet.

How do you feel about Boston Dynamics’ Spot Mini? Do you fear that robot overloads will soon take over this planet? Let us know down below in the comments!

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