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Yadea unveils Trooper 01 EBike variants: boasting high-power motors for superior performance

The Yadea Trooper 01 provides riders with cutting-edge technology, capabilities, and outstanding performance.

A person sits on a motorcycle in the outdoors doing a Wheely.
Image: Yadea

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Recently, an improved high-capacity motor version of Yadea’s leading electric bicycle has been launched by the internationally acclaimed brand of two-wheeled electric vehicles. The Trooper 01 Electric Bike is its given name as an e-bike.

The increasing desire for transportation options that are both environmentally friendly and efficient has led to a remarkable growth in the market value of e-bikes, which reached an astonishing $22 billion in Europe and America in 2022.

Compared to the previous year, this represents a significant increase of 33%. E-bikes enthrall customers with their exceptional combination of environmental friendliness, impressive performance, and distinct entertainment features, leveraging their expanding user community.

E-bikes are fascinating customers with their unmatched combination of environmental awareness, excellent functionality, and exclusive entertainment features. E-bikes are gaining a quickly growing user base.

As an industry pioneer, Yadea seized the opportunity by introducing its flagship product, the “Yadea Trooper 01,” in 2023.

Embracing the rapidly growing trend, this exceptional e-bike showcases remarkable strength alongside a plethora of thrilling and highly adaptable features.

The Yadea Trooper 01 not only provides riders with cutting-edge technology, capabilities, and outstanding performance, but it also injects the e-bike market with a renewed sense of energy.

Equipping riders with cutting-edge technology, features, and unmatched performance

A person is riding a Trooper 01 ebike
Image: Yadea

The Yadea Trooper 01 is equipped with ELSD (Electronic Differential Active-Passive Suppression Integrated Algorithms), which significantly enhances safety performance by preventing slipping and loss of control during starts and climbs.

The real-time status of the front and rear motors can be viewed on the TFT-LCD display, which is exclusively provided for this purpose. As a result, the user receives precise and current information.

Riders have the ability to select between a number of modes, including timely dual drive, front and rear single drive, timely dual drive, full-time dual drive, and numerous other modes.

A flexible riding experience is made possible by these characteristics. The Trooper 01 utilizes LG 21700 lithium cells (48V20AH) with significantly enhanced individual-cell capacity by 35%.

Furthermore, the energy density witnessed a rise of 20%. Included in the Trooper 01 are a speed sensor mechanism and 3 modes for pedal assistance.

A curling iron appliance with text ECO M L OD00008 , boasting a 40KM throttle range and a 90KM pedal assist range for fitness cycling.
Image: Yadea

Depending on the terrain, bikers are able to modify their speed with different modes. Yadea Trooper 01 has a maximum cycling range in eco mode is 55miles.

It is available in two versions:  the 750W rear motor and the 1000W dual hub motor equipped with a 5.5-inch display screen.

The owners of this classic straddling motorbike design hope it will attract eco-conscious members of Generation Z and the Millennial generation.  In addition, the customization choices will accommodate the unique, do-it-yourself tastes of all riders.

Yadea’s smart battery management technology minimizes the risk of malfunctions, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind.

The complete suspension system allows for increased ride quality and stability and effortless rolling over any obstacles. More braking force is made available to motorcyclists by the TEKTRO brakes system.

Additionally, Yadea provides a five-year guarantee on the motor.

Technology is the cornerstone of Yadea’s ability to achieve full coverage of its customers’ mobility scenarios. Yadea e-bike’s technological team is made up of elite talent from world-class universities.

The company boasts one national industrial design center, two national CNAS laboratories, and six technical R&D centers.

This team works on developing essential components and collaborates on appearance design work with leading companies throughout the world.

Independent R&D led to the creation of 90% of the motors used in its products. All Yadea products are UL Certified.

This image is a certificate of compliance issued to YADEA TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD for their electrical systems for e-bikes meeting the requirements of ANSI/CAN/UL 2849:2022. Full Text: CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE Certificate Number UL-CA-2314930-0 Report Reference E531945-20230417 Date 18-Apr-2023 Issued to: YADEA TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO ., LTD Dongsheng Road,Dacheng Industrial Zone,Anzhen,Xishan District Wuxi 214104 China This is to certify that QGNS7 - Electrical Systems for E-Bikes Certified for representative samples of Canada See Addendum Page for Product Designation(s). Have been evaluated by UL in accordance with the Standard(s) indicated on this Certificate. Standard(s) for Safety: ANSI/CAN/UL 2849:2022, 1st Ed ., Issued: 2020-01-02, Revised 2022-06-17 Additional Information: See the UL Online Certifications Directory at https://iq.ulprospector.com for additional information This Certificate of Compliance indicates that representative samples of the product described in the certification report have met the requirements for UL certification. It does not provide authorization to apply the UL Mark. Only the Authorization Page that references the Follow-Up Services Procedure for ongoing surveillance provides authorization to apply the UL Mark. Only those products bearing the UL Mark should be considered as being UL Certified and covered under UL's Follow-Up Services. Look for the UL Certification Mark on the product. İK UL Setrat Jeaning -Carne Deborah Jennings-Connar, VP Regulatory Sanıkces ULULc Any Information and documentation Involving UL Mark services are provided on Behalf of UL LLC |UL) or any mithartzad Bicarass of LE. For questions, please contact a local UL. Customer Service Representative at bit:fut soniabeautidertien!

A bicycle wheel with a carbon rim, synthetic rubber tread, spokes, and gear chain is spinning rapidly as it is connected to a vehicle brake.
Image: Yadea

The general manager of Yadea claims that the Trooper 01, its retro design and powerful motor brings a memorable and powerful visual impression on riding experiences.

The e-bike’s straddle-style aluminum frame is a radical departure from the norm. The design has been patented by Yadea in several countries

Yadea Trooper 01: your cycling experience redefined

This image is showing a Troope Yadea 750W 75Nm 48V 20Ah 21700 high-power, high-torque, and large-capacity lithium battery. Full Text: TROOPE YADEA 750W 75Nm 48V 20Ah 21700 High-power High-torque Large-capacity lithium battery
Image: Yadea

Riding Trooper 01 on the road is a breeze. If the rider follows our assembly guidelines and instructions, the process takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Bikers need to conduct pre-ride and post-ride checks as a matter of habit, and they should also check the bikes annually or biannually to see whether everything is good.

Yadea also provides instructions on the site for doing regular checkups on vital parts. An executive from Yadea stated that “no matter regular bikers or professional riders should do the periodic checks.” 

Safety always comes first; the Yadea Trooper 01 is designed to withstand biking in various weather conditions and terrains, making it suitable for off-road adventures.

Yadea Trooper 01 equipped the BMS battery protection to fully protect the battery life and extend the user span. Bike riders feel safer on the road at night because of the extra-bright headlights and taillights that stand out from a distance.

In addition, the sensitive and quick response front and rear hydraulic disc brakes will let them stop on slippery or rocky ground.

LED lights with an IP65 rating are waterproof and will remain working even in the rain. As a result, you may ride the bike in mild or moderate rain without risk. The bike is not suited to riding in snow or in areas where snowfall is persistent.

Yadea: Leading the worldwide e-bike revolution

A person rides a ebike on a trail in the woods.
Image: Yadea

The Chinese company Yadea is at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of electric transportation.

Known as a leading e-bike manufacturer, Yadea has sold over 70 million electric motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles, and kick scooters to satisfied customers in 100 countries.

For the past six years in a row, Yadea has been the best-selling brand of electric bicycles, with sales at over 40,000 stores worldwide.

Currently, Yadea is dedicated to generalizing this environmentally friendly transportation option for  the benefit of all individuals.

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